Are Individual Religions to Catch out Hypocrites? Posted on: 2018/2/27 11:13
2004/3/26 7:04
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Like often in life, we only notice something is wrong when we have something to compare against; so we can only test that something is accurate, if we have a second source.

Thus are individual religions, where people almost refuse to look at additional sources purposefully, a way by the Divine to catch out the hypocrites?

Like what if all the religions help clarify each other, and only by putting all the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle together, can we hope to see the bigger picture.

Thus automatically within almost any religion, can people really be true to its values, whilst ignoring teachers of said values?

Like has each religion been given a perspective of the truth, and parts that are slightly obscured; so that only when we have made that extra step to truly see, do we notice the hypocrisy?

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