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All this argument over who is Yeshua, when the Tanakh told us; yet some people who claim to speak Hebrew, can't read properly in an ancient symbolic language.

H3444 (Yeshua) + H1961 (To become) = Exodus 15:2-3, Psalms 118:14-21, Isaiah 12:2 (2 Samuel 10:11 David Vs Ammon) +5 Verses Isaiah

H3444 (Yeshua) + H7200 (To see) = Exodus 14:13, Psalms 98:3, Isaiah 52:10 (2 Chronicles 20:17 Jehoshaphat Vs Ammon)

So the Children of Israel saw the salvation of our God rescue us from the Egyptians (Exodus 14:13), and that the Lord would become our salvation physically (Exodus 15:2-3).

We saw the Lord appear in battle, and become our salvation (2 Samuel 10:11 + 2 Chronicles 20:17).

Then David prophesied that the Lord would become the Chief Corner Stone that the Builders reject (Psalms 118:14-21)...

With Isaiah continuing this thread in multiple places that the Lord would become our salvation (Isaiah 12:2), and specifically Isaiah 28:16 if understood properly.

Isaiah 52:10 starts that the Lord will be physically seen as his servant in the form of a son of man (Isaiah 52:14); this is the Lord's Right Arm which the nations will physically see, as related in Psalms 98.

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