Can the Messiah be Proven by Exegesis? Posted on: 2019/2/22 16:25
2004/3/26 7:04
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Understandably the world hasn't noticed some of the basics, like the Gospels are an IQ-Morality test; where the Synoptic Gospels are a series of patterns with a testimony to examine, and then the Gospel of John is deliberately made up to test people's discernment.

Now since most have already failed in this world, and thus it isn't exactly fair to condemn ignorant people for not understanding the texts properly...

Is it possible the Messiah by the knowledge given by God, can prove that the mechanisms, and understanding are legitimate based on the equations in the texts or do we just have to remove all the religious, whilst keeping the Godly?

To be clear to all, this is literally Messianic prophecy, and religious forums could be a platform for world peace, if we rectify some of the comprehension issues; otherwise as prophesied WW3 is soon, and everyone won't survive.

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