Why Are Baha'i Trying To Cause Division Among the Religions? Posted on: 12/21 13:57:33
2004/3/26 7:04
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Having spent my life studying the religions for the sake of trying to create World Peace, and prevent the Final Battle, the Baha'i are literally working against us on this forum.

Many of the Baha'i are not interested in studying the real contexts of people's religions, mixing things together that don't fit; basically making a mix-mash of everything, because they've not studied each text, and individual structuring.

Instead of realizing the religious texts prophesied that the Baha'i, are meant to be helping the Final Avatar to unite the religions, through mutual understanding; they seem just as corrupted as all the other individual compartmentalized partial understandings - Which causes more division than peace.

The false representation of the Messiah only looks through one eye; which means to only look at one religious texts, and then assume they know the whole contexts.

Thus is it possible to rectify the corruptions, and to get people to read each others texts or are we all doomed, as mankind kills each other in a Great Battle, rather than read each others books? :(

Having spent years in Abrahamic religious dialogue chatrooms, 85% of the problems in comprehension issues between the Abrahamic factions, is no one reads each others texts.

The Baha'i were meant to fix this issue, and study all the texts as Islam, and Zoroastrian text stated before it; to create a Oneness of all religion, like the Library of Alexander - Yet each books understanding has become corrupted, into being just a partial sect of the whole.

There is only one religion globally, and only one people, we are all meant to be a part of it; so please Baha'i live up to the potential within your own texts, stop just doing a minimum, as if all of our lifes depend upon it.

Oneness is in all religious texts books globally as One, where we all should be working to help prevent the end of humanity; rather than try to cause it, by making even more division.

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