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Why Yetzer Hara is Opposite to Reality Posted on: 2020/4/4 7:38
2004/3/26 7:04
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Rabbinic Judaism's outlook on reality has affected global theology to confuse everyone, where they have a concept of Yetzer Hara, which implies man from birth has an evil inclination towards the desires of this world.

This is so backwards, as we're down near Hell, where this world allows us to experience our desires to fulfil them; after we have fulfilled our desires down here, we can then leave this material plane of existence to realize materialism is a trap.

Thus Rabbinic thinking created Christianity, Islamic, Baha'i concepts after, people treat the world like here is suffering when we get what we want; it is only suffering when we become attached to the Matrix (Maya), as none of it is real, the Source of reality is.

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