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Which Religion Has Been Set up the Most by Their Own Texts Posted on: 2020/11/13 9:19
2004/3/26 7:04
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Each religion's texts is not what it seems on the outside.

The Jews will tell you the Bible is about them being a chosen people. The Bible says they are chosen for destruction (Exodus 34:10), and a few will be saved for being decent amongst them. Yet so will everyone who hears the word of the Lord, and obeys. So though people preach exclusivity, those who do are often the ones condemned in the process.

The Muslims & Christians try to continue they are now the chosen people because of exclusivity rights; yet Yeshua ended the Sinai (Zechariah 11:12-14) and Abrahamic covenants (Zechariah 11:10).

Thus both Christians & Muslims both try to graft themselves onto a defiled context, proving they don't listen either. The Jews have been selected out of the Tribes of Israel, for being stubborn and not listening, then everyone follows their examples.

Thus now we have lots of individual religions, when all the world's religious texts are talking about the same thing in different ways - our reality, and what are moral social ethics, that we can all live by.

In ancient times many of these religions were quite similar all teaching to use entheogens, such as Kykeon, Shewbread, Soma and Cannabis Holy Anointing Oil, Bhang, Haoma. Since Babylon everyone has been told to drink alcohol, which was banned as it causes unconsciousness, and makes people divisive. So now all the religions have been set up by going opposite.

Thus the Rabbinic Jews think they really smart, as they've set up the Gentiles like the Smith Virus in the Matrix films - which isn't the Source though. Which originated all ideas, and so in the small print of the Bible, there is condemnation of those lying to the Gentiles (Isaiah 29:20-21).

Thus though the Rabbinic Jews think they're winning by keeping information back, ultimately the text says God has brought them back to burn them. The Muslims think they're winning, as they're now chosen above the Jews, and also don't read the texts they are claiming to follow. As a Muslim the Quran informs us of Biblical characters, and tells us to believe in them; regardless of stupid conjecture, a Muslim is then meant to understand what they are following, and shall be tested.

Thus the Quran is a hypocrisy test to see who actually reads the world's religions, as the Quran instructs. A true Muslim is a theologian who spends their life dedicated to the study of the Source of reality (Allah), and helping others learn about errors in their religious understanding, so we all understand Oneness is not exclusive. Yet Muhammadans have become like Zionist or Christians, they don't listen to understand, they read to argue.

Christians think they're following J+sus, yet they follow the Pharisees (John, Paul, Simon).

J+ses isn't even Christ's name it is a swearword. Isa is also a translation of J+sus, it is not a translation or direct meaning reference of the name Yehoshua or terminology Yeshua meaning the Lord Saves or Shall bring Salvation.

Thus basically to summarize it is fascinating, the more you read religious texts, you realize people create hypotheticals of what they think religions mean, and often it is the exact opposite when studied.

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