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The Bible is an IQ Test Posted on: 1/5 8:15:33
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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People who think they're smarter than the Bible, clearly haven't read what is going on.

We're on the top floor of Hell according to the religious texts globally (Maya), and everyone has been set up.

Christians are purposefully Antichrist's teachings (John, Paul and Simon the 'stumbling stone' (peter) were Pharisees), Rabbinic Jews have blasphemed throughout the nations, and Muhammadans don't study the Bible.

Astrologists, New Agers, and everyone else think that they're separate, whilst being engulfed in misaligned concepts.

Many people have forgotten the Dharma, where the Bible is an opposite religiousness test; where it shows reincarnation is real, that meat & alcohol are condemned, where we shouldn't consume death, entheogens were weekly communion, prayer is done internally to connect to the Source of the Matrix, etc.

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