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Explaining Christ Posted on: 12/30 9:08:22
2004/3/26 7:04
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Yeshua taught here was the top floor of Hell (Gehenna), and due to people muddling context, even his name (J+sus = יסוס) has been made blasphemous.
The God Most High (El Elyon) who is our father, is like a CPU that manifest reality... Many divine messengers have tried to teach us we are in the Maya/Matrix, where we are all like Avatars (Elohim).
Yeshua taught that Source is our guru, and that we should only worship Source; which makes sense that if we connect to the Source of energy, we will empower our self.
The Messiah's mission was to invite people to a new reality; only those who recognize them self as a divine being, and the Messiah as their divine spiritual king, will be allowed in the age to come. The world's religions are an IQ morality test, to see who listens to the message, and respects the messengers; where it has been purposely made upside down, to see who mocks it. ❤

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