FootBall Posted on: 2006/1/6 22:15
Just popping in
2004/7/10 13:09
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"We all kick it off, and are scored against!"
We can score many goals in this game, but we are all the same!
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Re: FootBall Posted on: 2006/2/2 14:31
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
Posts: 90
Football or is it Soccer to me...

living life or letting life live through me

we are born and the action begins...who is coaching it?

Who is the observer?

Could it be up to me?

Do I have some say?

Am I certain who is Coaching this game?

Stop keeping score and walk the talk, make the game all it

was meant to be...

Choose not follow predestined patterns,

plays or routes, create in the moment, realizing joy and

peace are your goals!

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