Oneness - True Faith
ONE Posted on: 2006/1/5 23:28
2 b 1 is a quest,

Do we know?

We can think
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Re: ONE Posted on: 2006/1/30 20:06
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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Greetings Guest,

When I meet you upon this quest and there are 2

Do we know... can we cease to think... and just be...

are we 1 as 2 as you were 1 as 1 originally... was there

ever a difference? Do we ever cease to be?

Stop thinking: Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now pg. 134

"Another portal into the unmanifested is created through the cessation of thinking." "This can start with a simple thing, such as taking one conscious breath or looking, in a state of intense alertness, at a flower, so that there is no mental commentary running at the same time."

"There are many ways to create a GAP in the incessant stream of thought." "This is what meditation is about."

My eyes intensely focused into yours, I offer this gift freely, may you find what it is that is not there, but is everywhere.

Perhaps we merely think we know?

Love and Light,
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