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Bhagavan Brahma (Lord of Creation) is translated into Ancient Hebrew as Yah-Havah; where Havah and Brahma have the same meaning. They come from the breath of the Source of reality, and mean ' To be', 'To make manifest', and thus 'To Create'.
Abraham worshipped the God Most High (El Elyon), and the Lord of Creation (Yahavah Eloh), as did Melchizedek.

Ancient theology has been confused due to the language, and so they all taught similar concepts... Where there is the Source of reality (El), and then a Divine Council (Elohim) who interacted with reality. The Divine Council are like Archangels, and have been put as Avatars/Elohim; this was confused as demigods by ancient cultures.

Since Babylon the Rabbi confused their theology, whilst going opposite to polytheism, and trying to create a stricter form of monotheism; yet in doing creating a form of henotheism.

The ancient religions predate the Bible: Zoroastrian (4000+) prophesied Moses (3500), and Christ (2000). Hindu (4500+) ideas were the concepts that prophesied the Biblical Snare.

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