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What is the 'One True Faith'!! Posted on: 2004/10/18 17:30
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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As many people around the world are confused by the word 'Faith' I should explain my self

Faith is a feeling

I have read articals by Christian related preachers who seem to have been confused by what paul said and think faith is turning upto church, or faith is another name for religion?

It dosent matter what religion it is, to have faith!

In all religions faith is the same and trust me i have studied and except alot of diffrent beliefs

As when i was 15 i was asked to read all religions by God, The same as Moses did before anyone questions me or persercutes me for having done so

Now if people dont realise belief and faith are two diffrent things

Faith comes from the heart and is a feeling you dont even need religion to have faith

Where as belief is a set of ideas that comes from the mind

So the reason this site is called 'finding one true faith' is that in all beliefs the feeling from the heart is the same

If you believe in God it takes a leap of faith to accept it, when god cant be seen.

It takes faith to believe that something can be acomplished

So as a world please if you read this help in spreading the truth

Its like christ said if you have enough faith you can move a mountain and we are surposed to be equal with christ acording to him!!

Where as if we take pauls version of faith it wont matter how much you turn upto church the mountain wont move unless you believe with both your heart and you mind

Which takes faith!!

N B with U
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Re: What is the 'One True Faith'!! Posted on: 2004/10/19 5:41
it warms me to read anybody's belife in the truth of life, for me i have a un settled feeling when i hear that to have faith you have to have feeling from the heart and thats that, i dont want to be a person that has to question all but to have faith in my eyes is as simple as belife if you belive in any god or any supierer being then you have faith. i have a amazing wife with whom i love, she has feeling and love from her heart for myself and our daughter but does not have faith in a superier one.if you open your mind to belive you can generate faith through act of thought. without thought you have nothing. so to put a loving spin on all that is true i have faith, my life is full of love and through thought, i belive.
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Re: What is the 'One True Faith'!! Posted on: 2004/10/19 20:50
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
Posts: 2161
Yeh I agree with what you are saying about your wife and faith that is my point

The reason i say it comes from the heart is that you can believe it with your mind yet still fear in your heart or doubt

where if you believe it in your heart as well then it is solid

So can be classed as faith its like they say a leap of faith

If you doubt when you are mountain climbing you slip as your heart makes you fear

Where if you have the knowledge you know what you are doing and the faith in the heart to stay solid in that fact

Do you see what i am getting at?
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Re: What is the 'One True Faith'!! Posted on: 2004/10/20 2:46
Just popping in
2004/10/20 2:23
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Faith is not a stubborn belief in what you hold as true, but knowing that the future will be allright.

There can be no one true faith. For faith is based on your reality and reality is subjective, while truth is objective.

I only know of one truth, the rule of harmony which states: There are many forces in the cosmos that interact which each other to create a harmonic motion, which is existance itself. If any one force were to take complete control all would cease to exist.

As you see, without diversity there is no harmony, without harmony there is no existance.

The only faith that makes sense to me, is one of optimisim. That is real faith. For one to hold to a specific faith is only a stubborness and only leads to closed mindedness, dogma and subjigation.

There is only one Goddess. She is the mother of mutation, for if anyone tells you that anything is not natural, then they have no idea of how nature works, for She is always trying something new.
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