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Is this Reality we live in, really hell?
It's heaven on earth, not hell
It's not hell, yet the middle
It's is hell
Its the Matrix
It's Life.
There is no such thing as heaven and hell
It's Ok
It's a dream of angels
Are you really dying from when you are born?
Is this hell we are living in? Posted on: 2006/12/19 23:03
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
Posts: 2188
Since everyone suffers here from the moment we are born, we are is this in fact hell around us, though we see many beautiful things surrounding us… it is also written that this place was made after heaven, within countless books and this is second to it....

Now we are well aware there are certain texts that play on this point, contrary as into state man would ever have the upper hand over angels??
Yet we are also well aware that if someone had a dream or aspiration...another will grasp at that more often then not, as it is out of reach for them self’ they take it by other means.

Anyway point being regardless of preconditioned ideas, set in place by religious dogma...what do you think here is...?

As if all we do is come here die and suffer, then heaven we have been to and is made of pure energy, which to us may appear like a bright light, yet is high frequency vibration above that of this reality.....

The reason asking it as a question, is if people say here isn't hell…. then that makes a lot of sense and most likely it is....
As since half of us don’t know the tail from the head of the donkey, considering many of us follow Christianity regardless if it stands against God, Christ and the rest of the Bible to begin....(John, Paul, Simon get away with murder and we carry on?) (Read the book as a murder mystery if its your friend, who was lost! Else listen to the churches that they established on bloodshed?)

So seriously question this for a minute in all the details surrounding us, for instance it said “the good die young”, ask your self why?...
Is it early release from prison?....
Are you 100% good?...
Is every breath and thought centred on the beginning and origin of the universe?

Think not, so is it hell then?

What do you think?

If you also understand from the question if we all actually agreed and said this is hell… Then that means we can all begin to improve as one, as if we all realized we are in the pits to begin…Then some of us might have a rethink and work for once to become better, rather then it doesn’t matter (Maya = 666?)….

From a NDE the soil was the very basement of reality…. so yes we could still go further and even lower!
Yet doubt any of us would want to do that, as if we don’t plant some trees to recycle how would you get back again??

N B with U
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Re: Is this hell we are living in? Posted on: 2006/12/20 1:23
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
As you have seen Heaven and can describe it to me, I have

seen hell and can describe it to you. This isn't it.

Like Heaven, hell is a place made of energy, but instead

of beauty, wisdom and light, you behold only a sea of

fire. You have no eyelids so you can not blink. There's no

physical pain but much time to think. What wrong have I

done, how long must I stay, God please make this vision

of hell go away.
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Re: Is this hell we are living in? Posted on: 2006/12/20 11:40
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
Posts: 2188
Well, agree on where you are saying, and there is somewhere we would rather not be worse then here, and as you put it more or less no eye lids is correct no flesh that holds the EGO normally so people get a chance to see their own true reflection so yes.....

Yet point being for this way of looking at it, is what Yeshua stated, I do believe is correct.....

As in the build your house on the sand or on his teachings, this is not an ego driven declaration either just a small point none notice....

That in one of the parables he relates how the clergy sit on a higher step and proclaiming everyone below is wrong....

Well if that was related in terms of the reality and not in some superficial environment as people look at half the things he said as if he meant here....

I do not believe he did or we did in this case....

As in the one at the bottom says (I know I am sinner yet help me be better) is the correct one...

Then the one who sits saying to God "I can see they are bad and help me?" is the wrong one....

Well what has made so many in the day we live in proclaim the second option and not the first?
As they believe they have already made it and have achieved where they are supposed to be going....

Now if Yeshua was meaning the bottom step is here (+ the lower soil level also as both are made of dense quantum’s), the higher step is for those ascending through the dimensions of the after life...So when someone gets up to heaven yet proclaims others are wrong...they will not get in.....

Yet the ones who can sit in hell and say I am sorry for what I am and what I have done...then they are correct...and God listens and takes them out of hell and into heaven....

Think a big part of this is people believe Yeshua can get them in....he can't he is a part of the divine and oneness...which thinks in terms of God's laws, not our own....

So by taking the chance of anyone down here ever getting the chance to proclaim them self above another do you see what in effect this would cause?

Clergy could not be above and beyond people as they are just as bad as any of us as we are all are in hell to when they are busy telling you how to be Good yet can not achieve this their self’s it will be more visible to society on whole...

Then young villains and men will not go out to rob so much as the are aware from the moment of birth they are not there yet....

Rather then what we teach our children in both ways of law and religion is that even if they make a mistake all they will receive is a caution.....

lol can you imagine God handing out cautions....

It's not done like that, if you are wrong we see it all too quickly in karma going the wrong way....

So when the world looks through the eyes of the ones who make it here are normally the same who have ripped off others to achieve this....

Then it paints a whole new picture on this reality we live in...

For me must admit at this point knowing there is a heaven and having seen all the countless miracles, the cross referencing in the books over the whole of say about this person called Zanda....makes me know we are still here, and as such understand why and where, it is written it made him grief in Isaiah 53 as God purposely has allowed such division between us all...

As then when we see that we are miles off, then we can begin to understand and recalculate what we have been given and find the truth....

Yet when people are already saying they have made it already and they are living in hell?? you understand what I am trying to get at?

N B with U
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Re: Is this hell we are living in? Posted on: 2006/12/21 3:13
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82
I hope what you're not trying to get at is that we confound

the truth in order to turn a situation to our advantage.

Is this not the problem we have with Western Riligions?

This beautiful world can not be hell. In a sense, the path

to Heaven leads through hell. We put each other through

hell, but this world in no way resembles it.

"Begin to understand and recalculate what we have been

given and find the truth"? What exactly is it you think

I've been doing off and on for the past 17 years? I've

already found it. My problem is how to get it to the

general public. I still say the best way is to write The

Book Of Life, which was foretold in ancient writings. I

believe I posses the ability to do so.
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