Oneness - True Faith
Prayer Posted on: 2004/10/25 7:24
Lord forgive me this moment I steal away from battle as
I sheath my sword in the coldness of the earth, never wiping away the countless souls it has taken. I raise my eyes to you O Lord give ear to my prayer as I kneel before your mighty grace and truth, I give all my honor and sacrifice to your glory. You have made my soul mighty with the strength of many, my armor to wound but not bleed, swift in the face of my enemies seeing only there fear and feeling only there sorrow. I have lived as a warrior though humble in my ways. I have battled in the name of truth, honor and peace, my hands grow tired and my body weary, give ear to me now O Lord for this is my greatest battle, if this is to be
the day when heaven opens and calls my name let it not be in vain but always in remembrance of all its goodness that I shared for the moment and lived for a life time, stand near to me as my shield give strength in my hands to overcome, let not my enemy prevail, for as I have kept my brother lay down your mighty hand and keep me in your name so that I may return another day.
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