Oneness - True Faith
A Basic Guide To What 0neness Is Posted on: 2017/2/9 10:19
2004/3/26 7:04
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All of reality is made from consciousness, vibrating at different frequencies...

Within the core of all consciousness, there is a singularity; which is better known as Oneness.

Within its essence, the first dimension is like righteous unconditional love/Sat Chit Ananda...

Before we get to the core is a dimension of wisdom/Tao...

In the center is the hub, a majestic beauty, so perfectly precise, like a CPU knowing ultimate logic; as it learns from the mechanics, of the Matrix it maintains.

Oneness isn't that all of the religions down here make logical sense together or express the same; it is that all of what is created is by us, is a unity of different ideas.

0neness (Zeroness) is the removal of the self from the idea of being One...

The core God Most High, has no sense of self, it is ultimately giving; turning darkness into light for everyone.

Thus to become One truly within Oneness (Heaven), it is to let go of the self, and be at peace in an empty state of nothingness (Nirvana).

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