Is it Possible to Adjust the Religions for World Peace Posted on: 2018/5/4 16:33
2004/3/26 7:04
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Each religion around the world could be adjusted to help unify all religions to the Oneness we find in Heaven.

Atman shouldn't mean 'self (I Am consciousness)', it referred to a dynamic evolving melody (Santana) i.e. soul.
That Brahman is all melodies being processed, and has no self, as it is beyond needing self identity.

Buddha used the term Heart for Soul, as it is where they connect inside us.
Buddha used universal mind for Brahman, as to remove the concepts of self imposed upon it.

The term Islam within the Quran is the Oneness of religions to follow One true God; currently many Muslims deny other books as truthful, when they should be understood as part of Islam.
Allah is the Most High who is beyond form, and there is a Divine Council of Arch Angels, that have been seen in physical form and thus misunderstood by many to be Elohim/Avatars/Gods.

Yeshua is an avatar of YHVH the Arch Angel, and his father is El Elyon (God Most High).
Yeshua didn't die for anyone, he was murdered, and the Pharisees (John, Paul, and Simon) rewrote it to appeal what really happened.
The 24 Elders in Revelation are the Divine Council, with YHVH/Yeshua as the Leader, God Almighty is El Elyon.

Rabbinic Judaism:
Accept Yeshua's fulfillment of prophecy.

Scientifically we can verify the CPU that creates reality, by the mathematical precision in every dimension.

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