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Where the Eagles Gather? Posted on: 1/16 9:53:21
2004/3/26 7:04
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This is stating "where the body is there the 'vultures gather'"; it is a long winged bird of prey, that hovers around dead bodies.

Eagles only hunt live kill, thus it is referring to Ravenous Beings listed in Isaiah 34; which are to be removed by the Judgement Day Fire.

Luke 17:20-37 makes a clearer timeline of what is stated:

Luke 17:24 Christ returns on lightning in the sky (Internet); where Christ has been rejected by all (Luke 17:25).

Christ's 2nd coming is revealed on the internet (Luke 17:30, Revelation 3:3)...Before the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:15-16).

Judgement Day Fire comes from Betelgeuse on earth, where the Fire cleanses all that does iniquity in one Day (Isaiah 13:10, Amos 5:8, Zechariah 14:7, Revelation 20:9-10).

If we look at the timeline, it is stated by all prophets globally, when all nations come against Jerusalem in this Final Battle, that is when the Fire comes from the sky; with Christ literally here before it.

After there is a New Heaven, as our sun will be 7 times brighter, and our moon as the sun (Isaiah 30:26); so no demons can live here any more, and Orion will become the shape of a 7, instead of a Z.

Take into account the 'House of God' (Betelgeuse) is coming here, and then the Enlightened Saints shall reign on earth; in other words Heaven is coming here, and Hell is to be removed (Revelation 20:14).

The earth shall be recharged by proton energy, changing the carbon based life into something that doesn't break down (Isaiah 65:20); where things will change from how our current model of how earth functions.

Now in the time to come veganism is only accepted, and alcoholism isn't tolerated (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 24:38); if this is possible to do through religious dialogue (Word) being the Fire, is dependant on people questioning it, if not Fire is soon from Betelgeuse.

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