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As a child I was told advanced details of where the Bible had become corrupted, and that the world has already been deceived. Many wait for the false Messiah to come; yet I believe we can show that has already happened.
My name Zanda is within many religious connotations globally as one, as the name of the final messenger sent by God before Armageddon. I'd like that 'gathering all nations' to be about a correction of doctrine, where scripture becomes the fire that ignites questioning contexts (Jeremiah 23:29), and understanding where mankind can deceive its self.
I understand from prophecy how in Psalms 89:19-21 King David was prophesied to be the Messiah, and that in Isaiah 52:10-14 it is paraphrasing the Psalm. There is an additional yod on the word 'marred' in the Dead Sea Scrolls version (1QIsaa) of Isaiah 52:14, which makes it the same wording (I anointed) as we find in Psalms 89:20.
Yeshua is the word salvation in Hebrew that did mighty things, and I believe prophetically we can show that the Song of Moses, is that the Lord will become our salvation (Exodus 15:2).
What I understand of contexts is that Yeshua Ben Joseph came as the Suffering Servant, and a return of King David, to fulfil the aspects of High Priest to our people, and this has become confused by Christianity being made up after. Where the Gospel of John was fabricated by the Sanhedrin, and there is Midrash showing that Simon petros (stumbling stone), and Paul created Christianity on purpose, going contrary to the Ebionites.
In Jeremiah 23:6 where David returns to be the Messiah, the Lord 'our Righteousness' I believe is purposely an anagram of our name, to show global prophetic fulfilment.
Within understanding the name references, Zion was the place of David, and Zon is the flock. When Elohim is translated as Divine Beings, the prophecies in Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, and Isaiah 52:7 have the name of the Messiah as 'Your Divine Being Zion'... Where when we go over the many references to 'out of Zion shall go my Law' (Isaiah 2:3), 'that I've chosen Zion as my habitation' (Psalms 132:13-14), etc, that is symbolism uniting the concepts of the Messiah's name being shepherd over the flock of Israel.
This is a start to some of the things I'd like to discuss with the religious leaders; does this make sense to you?
Basically I believe we can prove I'm a return of King David, then Yeshua, and now Zan/Zanda based on prophecy globally as one.

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