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Category: Spiritual Oneness
Subtitle: #0 be free, truth
Author: patients extensive research of life
Date: 2007/5/29
its been a long time coming, wake everyone!
Summary: its been a long time coming, wake everyone!

Words can never be as perfect as my God.
So why does everyone hold so much weight to words...in speech and with pen?
Different language equals different religion? NO...same guidelines.[Rules, ethics, morals, laws.]
The prophets of my God have accurately depicted our current events. We can test these theories through our history, and by what is yet to come[at that time]...
Why do men give their souls to other men? And for what purpose?...a common misunderstanding called assumption. For there are too many books and too many languages, but only one truth. My God is angry at all of the assumptions and lack of faith. For he depicts it vividly throughout our lives, and all kinds of plagues.
Why do we worry about men judging our souls, and their translations of the books? For another man taught him his language first. Only my God judges me...and I judge no one, except in truth.
He moves in ways not known to us at present time. Is it not true, when we look back at our lives, that he reveals himself to us?[Try your own life.]
He is then too perfect to watch with our eyes.
He is then too perfect to speak with our words.
He is then too perfect to hear with our ears.


Therefore, read the BOOKS with which we were born with. Your understanding, no other mans. For it is a personal relationship.
Now the BOOKS will really start to make sense. Biblical does not mean fairytale, for it is more real than what we can see with our own eyes etc. Do not believe my words, but those of my God.
The God of Jacob, the God of Moses, the God of Buddah, the God of Christo, the God of Peace, the God of Everything...the God of Daniel. Father to us all. inventor of religion
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