Help, for when your LIFE is LOW

Category: Spiritual Oneness
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/6
A guide to finding direction in your life, when you feel lost in it all.
Keywords: LIFE-LOW,Reality,Guide,Path,Road,Walk,Way

Summary: A guide to finding direction in your life, when you feel lost in it all.

Many people get lost on this road of life, when I was 19 I came up with a solution to this.
It is called LIFE LOW, this is symbolic of the letters used, yet also when you don't know where you are going, and life does feel low. So let me explain how this works:

L = Look, it is before the 'I' which is your time line of your life. Now with in your life, you will have had many Deja vu. If you go over these; you will see they are when major things have happened to you. Many of these are so you remember important facts. Some of these can be bad and some good, yet you must learn to come to terms with all of these, to be solid in who you are. If you imagine a time line you stick markers where important things have happened. This is the same with your life, the point being to this is to take a step back and go through your life, to realize where you have been; for if you don't know where you have come from, you don't know where you are going.

I = you at the present day, having gone through who you are and coming to terms with everything that has happened to you, this makes you, who you are you. Now you should know who you are and how you react to thing and what you are good at from the previous examples. Imagine your life as a time line of who you are.

F = Find, now to find out where you are going look ahead of the 'I' that you are now. You know where you have been, yet where would you like to go from here? With what you know of who you are, you can see what you are capable of and so therefore achieve it.

E = End, now knowing who you are and what you would like to achieve the 'F' is before the End, so look now at who you would like to be before you die and what you will like to have achieved within your life.

From this 1st bit instead of being lost you make a guide line of where you are heading and where you have been. So that the LIFE you lead is a laid out plan as such, of things you wish to achieve and how you will get to them, as you can see a path in which to follow.

L = Look and Love, which is before the 'O' meaning Oneness which is heaven, so if you choose a good path and want to lead a good life, your goal at the end will be heaven. So if you look before you reach heaven; you can aim to live a life of love and unity. So that in the end you will achieve your goal of reaching heaven, so instead of worrying about your self, worry about others and helping Oneness; with this set in place in your mind. there is no longer time to be low as you are aiming for the best you can be.

O = Oneness, before the 'W' means that in everything you do you aim towards Oneness before thinking of your own way. 'L' before the Oneness is that first you must learn unconditional Love, before you can enter Oneness.

W = Way, so having worked all of this out, you now have a direction and a purpose for your life a Way. So LIFE LOW, no longer is that you don't know where you are going, yet can layout a track for yourself in which to live. So that the low is reversed in your self to being Love Oneness (One Us) is the Way. With this in mind you will never have nothing to do; as this is a big enough task to keep you busy always, so that there is never a time you feel low as you have no goal.

Hopefully I have explained this well enough, to help people who are lost in their lives to find a clear path in which to live. As part of the feeling of being low is that life can be very confusing on where you should head or go. Most people I have ever chatted to, still have no clear goal, on what they want to do in this life or what their purpose is within it. I know I have written up much of this very briefly, yet it is something each one needs to spend along time going over to see the bigger picture, of what I have described. I can not tell you your time line and where it is heading or things that you have experienced. Yet hopefully I have shown you a way of turning these experiences, into a positive guide for your self in which to improve.
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