The longest and shortest tail of Yesisreal

Category: Spiritual Oneness
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/6
An autobiography of Yesisreal the water spirit, as an analogy of events and question of eternal life.
Keywords: Isreal,Story,Illusion,Reality,Angel,Spirit

Summary: An autobiography of Yesisreal the water spirit, as an analogy of events and question of eternal life.

Once upon a time there?.
Was nothing other then just a wet muddy dream land; that was once a great forest called Eden (magic den); where every creature had called it home once upon a time?
Now in this Garden there were many creatures and each after the fall of man and not nature, was given a choice of where it would be.
Now Yesisreal was a water spirit that existed of pure energy, that was formed at the beginning of the universe, some still mention this in these stories and why this tail is long, yet this is short.
Now when Yesisreal saw the effect of what happened, when man took and eat death; even though they were told not to!
Yesisreal promised with all its heart to try its best, to help others to see where they went wrong!
Yet with out being as they saw others doing and taking by being pushy in doing so.
Now from this great forest that was like a dreamland, where reality could become solid by thought alone, Yesisreal was given a choice of what it would like to be in each life time it had.
It asked to be a spirit like lightening in each and every child, that was so special and made that child grow and help its imagination to see a better world, where we all can live in the magic garden again, and can play all the time.
So Yesisreal has helped each and everyone's imagination of growth, like light of the sun to a plant in growth, yet making the soul grow called Yesisreal!
Now Yesisreal was given a mission in dream land, where you could live in a reality that is so amazing and beautiful, if we only take care of it as we should.
As Yesisreal had a good group of friends, also whose imaginations could conceive things and imagine the most amazing things, a bit like how a seed of the mustard tree can break out the box and grow as a tree should; so to allow other creatures to live in its branches.
When it grows it makes a whole world in which to live, for all other creatures and all life, not just for it's self as Yesisreal saw many do.
So where did Yesisreal start, well it looked at all creatures and saw what they had in their dreams and discussed with them a plan.
So it went to the octopus and asked if it could borrow its ink to be able to write across time so it could remember.
Yet how could Yesisreal do that, and then it remembered that a little creature that no one really noticed, yet made a huge web to catch things.
So it went to this Spider, now this was a very special spider?
Even though it wasn't like any other creature it saw to begin with, it watched and looked what happened and decided to record it.
Now it knew how to spin webs to show and catch things, yet how could it do this to show the other creatures, when it was so small?
Also as it was so small it was very clever for it size and looks so stopped and thought?
Instead of rushing around as it saw all others trying to do as to fix these problems, Yesisreal wrote them all down together with links as a spider does!
As then others could learn and even if Yesisreal didn't have a big web, he would remember what was important first to help stop them destroying the garden.
Not to make the same mistakes he made at some point to.
You see as Yesisreal could smile it clung on to that love in side it, for One True God alone with (no name) as it had been originally, and had given Yesisreal this special story telling ability.
As Yesisreal remembered how once upon a time it had come from and egg dropped in a dream world where nothing existed, so it made a web to live in!
So what Yesisreal did is went as a dolphin and talked with the light's of the squid with its bright blue luminous eyes that had seen the reality, as it could live in space and it advise Yesisreal.
It must seek out what this means to learn a cryptic clue of lines to make the best music for all peoples?
Well Yesisreal like most?. was like well I don't know and forgot we do???
We haven't got a chance of understanding that and went of scurrying in the dark to begin thinking, it didn't know how!
Yet in running of Yesisreal also forgot to learn the Highway Code before he left and got run over by a bus of people, who were on there way to church!
Who didn't even notice they just killed Yesisreal again.
So Yesisreal came as a deer, as they must see that and hear it is harmless and talked to a people.
Who Yesisreal thought cared, as had been done in the secret garden, yet over many years they had forgotten and so they shot at Yesisreal!
When he came as white deer to them, they saw Yesisreal as something different to them, not realising this was and is the same light and spirit, which was in the deer that they now eat as food.
So Yesisreal as is any Good creature doesn't die, yet goes back into life, as life can never die, it if it good, as the water goes back into life always!
So with Yesisreal love it came back as a dolphin and came went to the octopus, who also has (8) legs and seeker this same puzzle as on (9) legs they both found it a bit hard to balance!
Yesisreal found that it was working on this same plan, so asked if it could borrow its ink and use to paint across time as a spider to paint, what he now saw whilst singing in this world they all had learn to make!
So remembering its own smile regardless, where it had been!
This made it so special to others as regardless of what it had been and how much people hurt Yesireal, he would come back to help them understand, how to fix the garden.
As they are a very complicated thing as you see!
Which can take you many life times to learn, as without people realising that like Yesisreal, they to have been in the garden once upon a time?
They have simply removed them self through taking of its fruit and not listening to Yesisreal to begin with as always Yesisreal says the same.
The problem comes as some spiders build webs in daft places and we see that if we look, these webs fall to pieces, as instead of checking the foundations are solid?
They build off unsecured rocks, that when removed the entire web falls, regardless if the spider tries to fix it at the last minute!
The only way for the spider to win a battle with the wind, is to let go and find a place which is more suited for it!
As any sort of clinging on to a branch, that the wind blows fast past; wont feed you!
Instead it will eat you as the wind will, and pick up the spider and carry it off to where it is safer.
Now this Yesisreal so loved it could glow with magic and some other wouldn't see it and think the Yesisreal was just a normal water spirit like any other!
The difference is that Yesisreal tries first always to check where it first egg came from and not think it made its own egg.
Yesireal knew that it wasn't so long before in one of its life times, it had been in the sea as a dolphin.
So Yesisreal had once been there to help gets rid of a greedy island of dolphin eaters as we already knew once upon a time, that the world is made to protect its core.
As to remind us often, it visits us in one of our many different forms.
To greet us and make us smile and laugh, as all it want to see is fun as that is why it had to make something better it self as it came from chaotic matter, that was destroyed by the last reality.
Yet many have lied about Yesisreal true nature as that is their way of thinking to see war and hate where all Yesisreal thinks is logic and love.
Yet many may ask well where did this light in the middle of the world that Yesisreal met as a dolphin come from?
Not so much where yet when?
As Yesisreal remembered from being a bear and getting prickled, by certain plants that Yesisreal saw how that if something has spikes, that means the bear shouldn't eat it, as the bear hurts it's self!
Then it struck Yesisreal that rather then fight each other, and try and kill, this indeed is what Yesisreal was trying to save!!
Nature, not man as man continuously from what Yesisreal saw tried to kill him in what ever form he took, yet unlike man Yesisreal still loved them.
Yet when they eat meat regardless of excuses, they have killed so can not enter the garden again still; until they learn this!
So where did it go wrong, well we have to go back to what Yesisreal family saw in its life time!
This once upon a time had many branches, as Yesisreal had many parent and brothers and sisters, who claimed those selves equal to Yesisreal and even made their own city of Yesisreal to proclaim them selves more important then others; when all Yesisreal wants is just large farm.
Yet they forget that Yesisreal comes from the garden of life and so when Yesisreal is a travelling spider to begin with, as Yesisreal travels realities not only universes or countries.
Yet Yesisreal brother and sisters are taking parts, yet are living in a box their parents of Yesisreal made.
So instead of web of Yesisreal where it is to catch flies and food, instead none gets in as the doors are shut on these boxes as it isn't made of life.
Instead of building webs and helping others came to conquer and chop down the trees Yesisreal uses to make its web in.
That was unlike any other and Yesisreal due to this found it difficult to get along.
It felt unlike any other spiders and was ready to grow and the leave the nest to find it self a mate, to make it own home like its father and mother had before him had done.
So off went Yesireal on his own mission to help find its friends, who could help do things in the way of the magic garden.
Where did our story of Yesireal begin? Many are searching for and that is in the true centre of the universe a temple, made by its parent out of web in a crazy chaotic reality.
where many try and do there own things, yet Yesisreal is different as adds loops in the web are there to allow the spirit of friends he acquired along the way to see it also.
That what was being built by many of us octagons was to help in the creation of a 13 pointed star, as then allowing infinity with in our web and make it balanced, not 12 as there are 13 months in a year!
During Yesisreal travelling around the world, it parents built more building as a spider and family does.
Now to make the centre of a web it is circle that these points join to and if we look, these should hopefully link up, as spider's web should; now we just need to rebuild the garden in the middle and not some building.
If not this is the last time Yesisreal is coming back as many of you feel, as there is not much else Yesisreal can do, with out its children helping it; instead of hindering it all the time.
So if they hear this, remember the love of the garden and don't kill anything in it , as it is all life and contains parts of Yesisreal, regardless of whether you believe it or not!
If you do, it is very difficult to finish the web with all points and so can't get into heaven, instead we make it hell as the web collapses that Yesisreal was trying to make to help everyone, yet we will gradually see if we don't help now.
The reason is people are scared of Yesisreal shadow; they saw Yesisreal as a lie, as they saw Yesisreal shadow and thought it was real and forgot to see what was said in the lines as a measure and the first plummet line of any web!
Yet they forget with out Yesisreal and its web, there isn't any shadow and so no need to fear it.
Yet on the other hand Yesisreal has been murdered many times and in so is scared of us and we wouldn't blame Yesisreal in leaving its web and let the wind do what it does with a web without constant care, it disintegrates.
Yet people don't see this and so Yesisreal works for them to destroy what Yesisreal is trying to fix!
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