The Artistic Forming of Debriefing in Speech.

Category: Spiritual Oneness
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/6
Now unlike the military army; this is like a spiritual army, here is a way of learning; good ways in which to speak correctly, to others in speech, of any sorts.
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Summary: Now unlike the military army; this is like a spiritual army, here is a way of learning; good ways in which to speak correctly, to others in speech, of any sorts.

Now due to the lack of this in our pasts we see how things develop and people get muddled at the start of the path overall.
So let's explain, if we can and show in this in your own situation, as this is the point of said operation.
As how many of us spend the time, to think what the other is thinking?
We hear so many said gurus and said teachers??
That when in speech do not debrief, and so it becomes a bit muddled??
Me my self, we are no good? Anda learning, it as you see?
Women seem to be far better at it, as they have to in advising men and we see they do that!
Yet most men, don't get their head out of the cloud long enough before going (I am) this or (I am) that??
Yet a women's body clock is in time with universe; more then a man!
28x13=365= (not 12) = (I am)??
We are so out of time it appears our seasons are even off now; they say "oh it is hotter then it used to be at this time of year!"
So is it just us or are our season miss set now?
As it appears summer in the U.K. now, and end of May, June?
From what we remember when born?
So in all this you see our point of needing some with a mustard seed to have studied and take the time to understand what another has written beyond?
Yet how has that been achieved?.
Debriefing them all has yet who catches on to the wind? As it not written how the rhythm must flow and in any written languages this does show.
So why do we attend a place where when they come to explain many have not learned that their own books as written say this is the one breath; that came from Good, as oneness shows?
Why then is the breath, not shown as the wind does, in a valley?
How can you guide the way of the wind, if you do not first show the mountains?
As the wind is guided by the extremes of the mountains; to make the path!
Yet with out a clear way!
And presenting half truths but, but and but??
With out analysing and catering for a debriefing as women do for children; more through family tradition of helping others between grammas to grandkids!
So helping them to be good children's, as one family?
Yet the men seem many times to not realize how their own life developed in a debriefing of teachings throughout their own life's; starting as kid them self's!
This you may offer your children, if honest and truthful, to help as light of what not to do also?
Not run away from your own truths and instead debrief your children with catering for the duality of nature, as women do see; a bit more having 2 different eggs!
Men think from one and teach very much like that also?
Yet this is not so; unless you say but to nothing as grammar can show??
Yet when the truths are set in (I am) how can the child understand this, if they are holy and life comes from God alone.
So in understanding what is written our short-sightedness is helping to produce more and more separation?
Men have really gone short sighted and that may have been the cause of dooms day as really look how society fell to pieces and all the fighting.
They teach us that we all fought yet the books of history take one path and the books of religion as named yet history also give a different story?
So who would lie if they spoke for good in the first place?

So before we teach,
Remember not to leach;
As that will make it out of reach!
So careful in your speech,
Remember not to preach,
It is for each;
Not some mystical beach!
Remember it is duality,
In this reality,
Oneness stands strong,
Where is the rest of this song?

Peace unioLove AN Unity B WITH Us!
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