Christianity Summary

Category: Religious Resolution
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/11/16
After much research and countless articles on the subject of Christianity; here is a summary of what you will find across this site.
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Summary: After much research and countless articles on the subject of Christianity; here is a summary of what you will find across this site.

This site accepts the teachings of Christ as true, being the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

The rest are clearly to be defined and denied as they are Anti-Christ teachings to begin with and the metal Beast, spoken of in Revelations.

Clearly teaching as Balaam did as most Christians still do, and expect you must follow this to achieve Salvation

John clearly was a Pharisee
; Not a disciple, and contradicts Christ and the Bible to give the impression Christ or Yeshua, made him self out to be God.

Given the fact John is easily proven as false in many places, the testimony stands witness against its self, as Anti-Christ
It is deliberately bias as to put off any follower of the commandments ever following Christ's teachings as valid.

Simon peter means stone and Christ named him that for a reason, he is the stone of stumbling that mis-taught the house of Israel
As written clearly in Zechariah, not the other way around.

Paul contradicts Christ on so many points, and many have seen this

Christ Came to cut off inheritance and grace as spoken of in the potters field prophecy, that was clearly foretold of the fake church, would be re-established by the unjust shepherds being these said Pharisees and to establish a city on blood shed.

This is to test many as Inheritance comes from God alone And grace only comes from God alone; not a prophet as spoken by Christ of him self.

All the rubbish they have made up, has blind the most important points, being unconditional love started when you were a child, this life is for learning new skills and talents that your works may shine when you get to heaven, the separation of people stems from their teachings, instead of real love like Christ did.

There is only one True teacher being God of all nations, get it wrong and we come back again, this is why Christ said go make friends of mammon and why not all are sinners; all are equal in God's eyes, it's the divine potter; not the clumsy these Anti-Christ have done in most of their teachings as hopefully some of this now shows.

Now when the Bible shows not to eat meat or drink it very strange when a person called Simon established this in the books they released in 1977, thus implying the fake communion, that Yeshua him self did not Teach
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