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Category: Religious Resolution
Author: wizanda
Date: 2023/9/4
Our religions in the world used entheogens to directly connect to the Divine, as well as heal many ailments.
Keywords: Religion, Shaman, Christ, Anointed, Messiah, Eleusis, Oneness, God, Theology

Summary: Our religions in the world used entheogens to directly connect to the Divine, as well as heal many ailments.

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If we align what we now know about entheogens in modern neurology, and what was originally there within the religions, until things became mistranslated, we could fix society from within.

Entheogens comes from 'En' meaning 'In', 'Theo' meaning 'God', and 'Gen' like within 'Generate'.

Psychedelics can cause the brain to become more activated, and allow for creation of new neural-pathways. Cannabis can create neural-regenesis; where the cannabinoids & omega oils within it regulate neural-firing, whilst harmonizing the brains development.

With an advanced study of many of the world's religious texts, we can show that psychedelics & cannabis were being used to increase human potential. On the other hand multiple ancient religious ideas banned alcohol, and the eating of death (meat, vinegar, etc), as it slows the body down, and makes our whole system less efficient.

Within the Dharmic religious texts they drank Soma, which gave them god-like powers, and allowed connection with the Divine. Soma was most likely fly-agaric mushrooms, turned into a drink, by boiling the poisoning out of them. Plus Bhang, which is a drink made with milk & cannabis.

The Zoroastrian texts have Haoma, which is clearly described as resembling the sacred geometry of the cannabis plant.

The Bible had the Holy Anointing Oil containing Kaneh-Bosem; this is where we get the etymology of the word Cannabis - which was a Greek transliteration from the Semitic culture, that they'd imported hemp from. Places like Canna were known for growing vast quantities of hemp; which has been used for sackcloths, rope, etc for most of human history.

THC is fat soluble, so when the Holy Anointing Oil ingredients are combined (Exodus 30:23-25 - Pure myrrh, Sweet Cinnamon, Cannabis, Cassia, Olive oil), this causes it to become a molecular compound - thus increasing the healing potential of each, and basically making a Magic Medicine.

The Shewbread in the Bible was made from a mixture of sprouted grains, similar to the Essene bread, where it matched Ezekiel's (4:9) Bread recipe (wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, spelt). Because when the grains are left to naturally proof, they created ergot on the barley, this made it psychedelic; yet also lethal, unless the ergot is boiled - so the Shewbread was both boiled, and then baked.

The ancient Greeks as well as using cannabis, had a place called Eleusis where they went, and had a barley drink called Kykeon, which was able to increase human intelligence. - This has become a mystery to what they performed there. Many of the intellectual Roman Emperors (Patricians) went there, as well as Plato, Socrates, etc. Plato said 'if it wasn't for our Kykeon, we would not have our democracy.' Kykeon was where barley was left in a vat of water, with a bit of ergot added to start the process, and then it was left until the liquid went black. This was then boiled for hours similar to the Shewbread process, and Pennyroyal was added for flavour. Kykeon then became a form of LSA, and ergot is where we got the idea for LSD from.

There are many other religious cultures around the world, that we can show had similar usages of cannabis in many of their ceremonies, and advanced psychedelic usages for direct interaction with the Divine.

The reason this knowledge has been forgotten, and mistranslated, is because it was kept back from most of society, and kept to the elders in multiple cultures. This has then lead to only a select few remembering these ancient practises, and so it has become lost in translation.

David started sharing the Shewbread with the people, as to make a more enlightened society, and not just an elite class ruling over them. Yeshua shared the Holy Anointing Oil with the masses; where it has the power to heal many things, like Cancer, Leprosy, MS, Epilepsy, menstrual issues, Crohn's, Asthma, etc. Many think it was only Christ who healed people, yet the Disciples in Mark 6:13 went out healing people with the Holy Anointing Oil, and this is why they were called Christians (Anointing ones). The early church in James 5:14, also were saying if you had an ailment, it would be healed with the anointing. Since now with our knowledge of the biological effects of medical cannabis, we can show that cannabis can cure many things, we can show it wasn't all just miracles, that were random in some way, yet a calculated science given to us by the Divine in the first place.

When psychedelics are used in micro-dosing, which allows for new neural pathways to be created; where just like mycelium interconnects a forest roots together, the same with certain mushrooms, can allow our brain to work much faster, and efficiently allows for rewiring of the brain. It is possible to educate people much faster, when they are slightly tripping, as it opens up the paths of the brain to interconnect more proficiently, and it can also fix parts that haven't been efficient enough.

Taking psychedelics on their own doesn't automatically make someone smarter, yet within the ancient Greek religious ideas & language, are advanced metaphors, where there is layer upon layer of cryptology, forcing the brain to do somersaults, and in so doing making it become a gymnast - where the brain is then cable of doing much more advanced dynamic thinking. Same with the ancient Hebrews, who also used a much more advanced layering of cryptology, where when Isaiah 29:9-14 says they will be given the Bible, yet won't understand it; it is due to their usage of alcohol, and not entheogens, that has lead to a lowering of the societal aptitude. So the symbolic writing, and metaphoric descriptions have become random, when they are concise intertextuality.

Cannabis is needed as a food when expanding the neural networks, as it helps regulate not over-firing of neural-receptors; in other words, making sure we stay methodical, and logically balanced in each step.
Between using both in the right dosages, where the Holy Anointing Oil being put in the hair allows it to soak in as needed; this is where Yeshua said, 'when you fast, go in your room, and anoint yourself, where God will then reward you' (Matthew 6:17-18), as it allows us to connect with the Divine.

The original Hebrew religion, like the Zoroastrianism one were focused on the cannabis plant as a sacred gift from the Divine. The Israelite candle in Exodus 25:31-40 is in the shape of a cannabis leaf, where the alter and the priest were all anointed. There were many religions in the Middle East, that all went into a smoke filled tent, and would come out with prophetic utterances.

The whole concept of the Messiah/Christ is the anointed one, who has the advanced knowledge to connect with God directly.

Now without a proper system for usage of entheogens in the society, we've allowed it to become criminal, where our youth practise debauchery, rather than something that was regal; where kings were coronated with it, and only the elders of society were allowed to distribute it.

This is where prophecies concerning the world becoming like Babylon the Great, is because instead of entheogens being used to enlighten society (as they were in ancient cultures), we've lived through the dark ages, where we've lived in a society of debauchery.

Now if we were to instigate a society micro-dosing with a holy communion of Essene unleavened Shewbread, this would mean instead of religion creating dogmatic people, they'd be more dynamic, increase their intelligence, and overall make everyone more vibrant.

When cannabis is returned into the Holy Anointing Oil, it would be possible to heal people of many ailments, and also make a calmer, less aggressive, less egocentric society, who have far more empathy. Both cannabis & psychedelics allows diminished egos, as it allows the barriers to come down; which then means not only do we connect more with the divine, yet with each other.
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