Poetic Insight

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/7
Keywords: Heaven,Poem,Poetry,Life,Oneness,Living,Teaching

Hopefully these poems bring some insight;
Hopefully one day we can all learn to be light;
If only we can learn not to fight.
Through our life we've seen,
What it means to be free.
Many are trapped in old ways,
Surely they'll have shortened days.
Don't we know anger can be wrong?
The Lord sings a different song,
Justice and might,
And all things right.
Don't get us wrong,
It is only fear that holds us back;
From a lack.
Sometimes from no love,
So we learned to shove.
Many have changed our track,
Yet we can still turn back.
If someone tries to preach,
Ask that they might teach;
Instead of leach.
Learn to humble ourselves,
This is where wisdom delves.
Don't put our heart on a shelf,
Never learning the secret wealth;
As it will destroy our health.
If we make a mistake,
Stick on the brakes;
Possibly reiterate,
For Heaven's sake.
Apologize before it is too late;
Else we might miss someone great,
And where would that leave our fate,
On that eternal date,
Don't think it will be late.
Everyone must be judged,
Pray they don't begrudge;
Heaven holds all clear,
And understands what it is to live here.
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