More Meaning

Category: Poetry
Author: wizanda
Date: 2006/8/7
Keywords: Poem, Poetry, Oneness, Love, Unity, Peace, Revolution, Justice

First compare;
Are we unaware;
This brings the want.
Hear what we sing;
We tell of a thing,
Complex in nature,
In every creature.
The more we see of this earth;
The more we realize our worth,
And why our birth.
Everyone is special in their own way;
Everyone different and part of this day.
It's hard to see,
As many hide inside,
For sins they've committed;
So repent and be acquitted.
Unless we relented,
Because we are tempted.
So become our true selves,
That we were in our youths.
Know where life delves,
Don't be deceived,
We have to believe,
else we'll never achieve.
Follow the way clean and just,
Have trust.
Don't look in disgust;
Tho they say we must,
This is unjust,
Brings such untrust.
Clean our minds and adjust,
Don't just lust,
When they've got something more;
Deep within the core,
Don't be a bore.
Instead be sure,
Our heart is pure,
This will endure.
Be strong in that fact,
Don't slip back;
There is no lack.
Don't make that contract,
Have ego on our back;
We are light,
Each one bright,
Protecting a future,
That has gotta be right.
Instead we bicker and Fight;
Why not unite?
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