Category: Poetry
Author: themissinglink
Date: 2007/1/24
Keywords: Poetry, Truth, Wisdom

Vision without reason holds the grass is not as green, yet
the side that were all looking from we haven't really seen.

Consider all emotion using reason as a guide, and see
that vision narrows faced with compromise or pride.

To never change one's vantage point may not be seen as sin,
but at times one sees more clearly from the outside looking in.

In cases, points of view or visions held, one must ignore; for
proportion, in your mind, take 12 steps back and look once more.

A thousand worlds appear in just as many pairs of eyes,
another's view, a mind can hold, if tought to empathize.

Wondrous are the visions our near future has to give,
if only we can learn to see beyond the lives we live.
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