Make Peace a Noise

Category: Poetry
Author: themissinglink
Date: 2007/3/15
Keywords: Poetry, Peace

Some of us shine
Some of us whine
Some feel the need to divide “yours and mine”
Some wait their turn
Some lessons, some learn
Some fires we feed as we fight will still burn

Some always play fair
Some don’t and don’t care
Some trials we face may seem too much to bare
Some carry the load
Some want to explode
Some wrongs that are done will come back down the road

Some think and some do
Some don’t have a clue
Some seek to shed light on what’s false and what’s true
Some end what they start
Some follow their heart
Some who take for themselves make deception an art

Some take word from the wise
Some believe their own lies
Some only stand tall cutting us down to size
Some decisions we’ve made,
sometimes cut like a blade
Somehow fixing a price that must later be paid

Some paths lead us off course
All Souls stem from One Source
and connect in a magic, invisible force

When we conquer our fear,
and the truth becomes clear,
we will make Peace a noise
Every Heart,
Every Soul,
In The World Will Hear!
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