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What is Unconditional Love?

A definition and explanation of the meaning of unconditional love...
Many say they understand unconditional love, yet do they? Here are a couple of questions, as to show you what I mean.

1). you love a person i.e. a partner or family member. Then they completely destroy you as person and hurt you so much it is hard to see love for that person. Now maybe after time you again can find reasons to love them yet at the time of the hurt do you unconditionally love that person?

2). Many say when you have children, you unconditionally love them. Yet when you die and get reincarnated, do you still love them or even remember them? In some cases this does happen and has been recorded that some people get reborn, and go back to their old family as a different person, yet the same spirit knowing who they all were and with the love from the previous life. Yet in many cases they are forgotten as people do not recall their previous existences.

3). your children repeatedly let you down and cause you strife, do you unconditionally love them? Many will say yes, yet at the time they are causing you grief, many just see anger and the love is gone for that moment. Also maybe your child does something so bad you fall out of love with them. Then you must again learn to have love for them. This happens in many families, so again not unconditional love.

4). you marry someone, as you feel you unconditionally love them and think you always will. Yet they cheat on you and break your heart or just abuse you as a person, till you no longer love them. Now many people stay with the person out of obligation and not wishing to do wrong. Yet after do you unconditionally love that person or do you resent them in some ways and stay with them out of need and obligation? So again is this unconditional love?

5). in your life you make many mistakes and some times serious mistakes that seriously detriment your self, do you unconditionally love your self?

So as you can see from these, many of us may say we know unconditional love, yet do we really, when unconditional is as it means and always without any reason, for this to stop.
So what is unconditional love and how may we achieve this?

Within all of these questions they contain time and events, so to truly understand unconditional love; it must be something that is timeless and unchanging. God is the only thing that never changes, as God is out side of time and so therefore contains the qualities needed to be unconditional love. When this can be understood then this love can be used for the good of many, as when you understand this love, then you are not in need of trying to find it here. Which as you can see from the questions, always backfires and has more problems; causing many peoples life's to be like the sea in a storm. Where people are constantly striving, to find this someone or some thing that they can feel this unconditional love for. Yet always something will come along to test this love, and then at them points, the love in side your self will drop.
Heaven and God is infinite and a name for heaven is oneness, now oneness can be embraced and felt here, so if at first rather then seeking the love of people or the love of ones self, you seek the kingdom of heaven and God. You will see that through oneness and realizing that we all contain parts of God with in us, and we all can try to live as one then you may begin to have unconditional love for everyone, which is timeless and unchanging. If your 1st love is God, then from this love you can love everyone else as children. Which then even if they hurt you, or cause you grief you can see past this and realize, the reasons they do things; As instead of just looking at it from our own perspective. You can also look at it from God's and heavens perspective and realize, they were hurt or they didn't understand. As from God's perspective all people are God's children and all make mistakes, each one needing to be nurtured and shown how to improve.

This is one reason that Yeshua said to hate self and love God with all your heart. Paul said the opposite and said who doesn't love them self's, which as I hope you can see from this is seriously wrong. Also from what I am describing here, this is what is needed to enter the kingdom of heaven, as the 1st level of heaven is unconditional love as I have described here. Heaven is oneness and this way of loving, without this people can not enter and remain there, as otherwise it would not be heaven as it wouldn't be perfect.

So a true definition of unconditional love is to, "love God with all your mind body and soul, and then through this love, love others".
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 Re: What is Unconditional Love?

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People say they unconditionally love their own children; if it was truly unconditional, then you would unconditionally love everyone's children.