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What is the Afterlife

This is a description of what saw when died, with as many details as can put into words.
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The first thing I knew, I was looking down over my self on the floor, my body was lying there and my spirit was floating above it. It was weird if I had thought about it at the time yet, yet I felt safe and this was meant to be.
I then left my self lying on the floor, though that is not my self as I myself had left my body completely. The spirit of who I am, my character, my soul, everything I am as a person, yet with out the need of a body just pure spirit.
While out of my body I remember flying as such, all around my city; to see my mum and family, almost like saying good bye.
After this I found my self in the woods, near to where I lived. I felt so in touch with all of nature, understanding how it all worked on a symbiotic level. Strangely at first, I knew where all the same trees of life were in the woods. I went to the first tree of life in front of it were two flaming swords flashing back and forth. Yet I within my spirit I could feel how they weren't interested in stopping me; yet others they would as they only are affected by people's feelings and fear of thinking they will. Its like if you have a pebble, if it is perfectly round where do you poke it with a knife, if there is no edge there is no where to stab.
As I was absorbed into the tree of life an overall feeling of all nature, became part of me. I could feel the grass, the other trees, knowing their feelings and thoughts. Also as the tree of life could cause it to rain, if nature needed it.

After understanding this that nature worked as a large circle, and how through the fungus, everything was linked on a micro biotic level.
Every creature with in the woods also knew and felt as the tree of life as a place of safety under its large branches. Knowing that if there was a storm, everyone would know to seek refuge in the branches of the tree of life.

I went through the tree of life, and down to the roots, as I entered into the underworld of below the soil, and left the tree where I had felt I was safe.

As I entered the afterlife, I had my life flash before my eyes. Now this is far more, then people expect; as I saw all the "ramifications" of my actions! (I didn't even know this word before this)
I saw how when I hadn't explained something correctly to my friends, it was my fault! How when I had done something, to affect one person; this lead on to others and how this was also my fault.
It was a little overwhelming and then as soon as that had finished; I found my self in this large place.
As I approached it appeared murky brown color like dark soil; yet as I came closer into it, I could see that what appeared to be brown were in fact loads of strands of different colors.
Each of these strands are people as spirits.
I could see and hear and through these colors, I could understand who these people had been in their lives.
Yet I was more bothered about what "I" had just seen about "my" life, and was busy pondering this, how I could have been so stupid; to let people down as I had done.
Not always meaning too, yet after seeing how many things had been my fault it was hard to come to terms with!
As I looked around other people were doing the same thing, thinking, and there was loads of them, billions in fact!
As I approached this place to begin with, I had seen it went on and on, with out seeing an end to it now (unlike it had been before I also felt, in other word it is getting worse).
Now in side this level and as I looked around the people near me where all talking about them self's and their past life's, yet mainly saying it wasn't their fault.
They were busy pointing and blaming others; about how they hadn't lived up to what they had expected them self's to be whilst alive. The thing was though, no one was listening to each other, and each person was just talking about their own personal issues. Yet no one seemed to be interacting, I couldn't understand why and so approached some people to ask them and interact with them.
Yet they didn't like how I had interrupted them in their babbling, and went back to telling everyone how it wasn't there fault.
I slowly started to feel my soul sinking in despair, and become like they were.
Yet with in my spirit something wouldn't let me, and I started to tell them, "what about God! What about saying sorry!"
Also that I wasn't worth anything, that really I would be a blade of grass, if I could be in God's universe and why weren't they happy to be like this also?
They really didn't like that and instead of sinking slowly; they dived on me and smothered me, in their blame and hatred of others.
Most people there were very judgmental and couldn't look at them self's; if you know what I mean, as they hadn't realized how ugly they were on the inside, whilst polishing the out side all their life's.
Basically to sum up this place in one word, as I have been doing is EGO!
As all people had some reason not to face what they had done, yet instead protect them self from whom they were; yet not saying sorry for their mistakes.
Now realizing this in death, their shell in which the ego hides had gone with the flesh, so the reality was shocking to them.
As they slowly smothered me completely, so all there was was a mass of people over me, and I felt my self becoming weaker.
At the last point before they almost suffocated, who I am, I had what you could call a reserve candle within the very center of my spirit.
At first it started as a little light, with one main purpose and I kept shouting out from this core "I know oneness".
This light began to grow in me and get brighter and brighter, "I know oneness" I shouted. At the time this didn't make logical sense to me; as during my life and what I could still feel in my spirit is all the religious books, I had read and I would have thought of loads of things, that people would normally shout, like "I know Jesus", and other things to that nature to help them.
Yet this was so strong "I know oneness", then the people who had been over me, seemed to almost to get flung off; like being in a scrum and someone with a big hand pulling people away from the scrum, from the outside of it. This as they got cleared away was a bright light, warmth, love, safety, and the hand of God.
This pulled me up away from this place, which was like being in a basement; lower than the soil. I use the word soil, yet it was microscopic the energies that are contained in soil, like billions of fine strands of pure energy, and each of these strands was a spirit or person.
Their numbers of this basement were like counting the grains of sand in the sea.
Now as started getting taken up, things became lighter.
The lowest level was actually light when in it, as each soul resonates within its own light. Yet as there was no order to it, from a distance it appeared murky dark brown and a disgusting mess!
Then as I went up, I realized that the level above the next, had control over the ones below it.
I feel now and at the time, that the lowest levels were the dense matter of the universe, and the levels above, are those who had understood parts of this existence and test.
As I was brought up in the light, the levels had became brighter and brighter; and the distance across became narrower as less people had attained the parts needed to climb this matrix, almost like being in a pyramid so the bottom was larger then the top.
Finally after going through numerous of these different levels each with its own intrinsic qualities and it slowly becoming lighter.
I left this original place, which was like this large pyramid, and came into a circle of rose quartz crystal light, in other word there was rainbows and it was the most soothing light slightly amber and slightly pink.
I say this place was separate, yet it was still part of the 1st place, yet it had evolved from this beyond the pyramid levels to a transcendental level; that pass time and space and even creation it self, timeless and perfect.
The spirits I saw, where like glowing rainbow balls of these strands I had seen on the 1st level.
Yet these strands had made a reflection of them selves, to contain many of these strands (reflections and characteristics of the original strand times by it self, or squared by it self, with dynamic charter reference added by the author).
Within one of these beings, these where angels and this was heaven!
As I entered, I began to hear the most beautiful music; that was the most harmonious music I have ever heard!
This music emanated from every single last person or being, within heaven. all people sang with a pure intent and with so much love it is hard to express in words. Not a single note went out of melody, the whole song was perfect.
Each person sang there own melody, yet the whole thing worked together on the same way natures symbiosis works.
I can explain why now as well? as it was all in sharps!
Higher frequency, when we use the c scale it is slightly dropped in frequency, which then produce many laws in music, which make it very hard to compose a piece of music in different scales as heaven is or the birds.
In heaven everybody is main chorus is in sharps, if they wish to express a feeling they use the c scale to show emotion, yet not continuously.
You can observe what I am saying here, as our birds do it, as do new born babies they use the c scale to express things, like if a baby cries in an "a"?
You know it needs something a "c" and it is content.
I now feel this is what is meant by the fall, as we use the c scale as the main root of music. Yet within this we miss the fact that music is an emotion and a way to express ourselves with out words as most animals still do and babies can until we teach them discipline of languages.
Now as I began to sing, too the center of this circle, it left my spirit as a wave of light, color and sound.
This wave as it hit the center of the circle, it came back to me in another wave of energy, yet stronger, more pure and this contained infinite wisdom, knowledge and love.
It was like a drink of nectar going into every part of my spirit, and making me feel so content and without need for anything ever. As I thought something, of how does this work, within the wave it already knew all the answers. So there was nothing you could ever possibly need, as all was provided for, before the thought had been issued, the answer comes.
So I sang more and in the return the energy of these returning waves of light and sound it increased the more I sang.
It is/was so satisfying I miss it; I could spend infinity just playing in these waves, composing with all the others and being at one with the whole universe.
As from here you can understand everything, if you don't understand all you do is sing. Almost everyone was in constant song and the whole place was alive, with sound light colors of different people songs to God.
Now while I was heading up to see what was in the center, I passed by an interesting ball of light. So I stopped as I passed, we both were interested to see who the other was.
This felt as though, this was a normal occurrence, that you would pass your time by meeting other balls of light, and learning what they knew also as there is no such thing as laziness up there.
As we floated around each other, we understood everything about each other; all that the person had been in their previous lives. What they had done, skills they had acquired who they had loved, how they had coped, the pure intrinsic soul of another nothing to hide all shared and open, no remorse, no regrets.
Now this was clean love, there was no wanting or taking as already everything was provided for by God, and so all you did was learn and use this energy to help the universe.
While you interacted, you remained separate as being you, yet also these strands of your energy interwove in and out of the other persons feelings, what they felt and understood as if it is your own thought and images.
Then as I left, there was no feeling of we will ever meet again, yet a simple floating on the original path. With no after thought, of will you see the spirit again, yet in thanks of what you had learned and passed on to each other.

After this I felt I should go to the center, and was almost drawn there as well, by this amazing nectar of wisdom, love and knowledge.
This first part I had been in was unconditional love!
The spirit resided there and I had met, had been many things in different lives. Yet had shown in many care for others, the person I met showed how she at one point had been a grandmother and helped keep the family together through extreme adversity, by being so loving at all costs. In other words the person had lived oneness, not just talked about it yet been it and strived to be more loving and kind at all time and now even in heaven was still striving for this, by being there to welcome me.
This area was very airy and light, and as I moved on, it became still lighter, yet the colors became more strong and directional.
It was almost like some peoples eyes, where you have the outside being white and the inside colors with many strands of different colors.
Well this is how it is in heaven for me, now this next area I came into, was wiser then the 1st. Although the person I had met was extremely loving, they weren't a genius, yet all I saw now were (genius= God in us)
The energy from all the lower levels was being passed through this area, before it reached God. This is what I now feel it means by an intercessor.
As I looked around this area, people noticed me and were delighted to see me again.
I still get a glow when I think about it and how some people reacted shouting "Zan's back Zan's back". Almost like I was the party organizer and was coming into an amazing party and was a needed part, as I would make the party even more bouncy.
Now around the center were many different energy's that I recognized by name, mainly from what they had said in their religious books; whilst in my last life, yet intrinsically timelessly also.
I recognizing the character of there was Lao Tzu to the left middle, Yeshua to the top right, Buddha to the left top.
Now to understand this correctly it was a circle. Almost like the Knights of the Round Table, and in the table is God in the center of the knights.
Now each of these around the throne, was and is so determined in its self alone, to spread this message of oneness!
They had educated others in it at all costs, all through their many lives.
Where as on the 1st level of love, these balls of energy were multiple colors and had taken different parts from different lives that made them who they were. This level was more defined and each individual would remain the same, still having taken parts from different lives. Yet within all of these many lives, there is an underlying continuation of who they are and what they must show and do.
This level was wisdom; it still contained the unconditional love of the first; yet was also more focused and channeled in focus with wider understanding of what love is and all messages of the whole universe to God.
There were roughly 12 to 24, as it was like a clock, when I say the positions of people, yet this was color and pure energy's.
Not like people you could count, yet definitions of certain energies. Between each were the colors that blended to the next, again like an eye and this was the Lens, which pointed all vision to the center of this circle, being God.
Now unlike the 1st level of unconditional love, that was simply playing music and learning, this level had passed that and sat right next to God
The whole appeared more to be working; taking random messages from the universe and sequencing them and coordinating these into logical patterns, as not to waste God's time.

Now when I first got up to the center, God appeared to be a man sitting on a throne.
Yet I was also aware at this point, that this is what I expected God to look like, and so this is how God appeared.
To each and every person God, will appear as they expected as God is perfect, so to make all feel welcome and content this is so.
After talking for a while, I wished to see, truly what God was, then the illusion I had made for my self was removed and so I saw again these same strands.
This time there was so many I could not count them, unlike the first where their had been many of these the same, yet disorganized i.e. (people with ego that don't trust God first above all, leads to confusion).
As what I now saw was an amazing, intrinsic dynamic logical database organizer arranger compressor synchronization system with every variable of the universe pre-calculated in a logical system, which can evolve with in it self from the information it makes.
Simple form is God or Allah or any many of the other names it created for it's self for us to recognize it.
From here every breeze splash is felt in the whole universe and beyond as I know many think in terms of the universe is it, the universe is Maya it exists.
This place and the whole of heaven doesn't exist it never did, yet always has, it is timeless made before the beginning of creation i.e. the universe, Zion, matrix, ect.
God was ultimate wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, God isn't some being like us and with an illogical way of looking at things as many think God judges them simply on outcome.
Yet cause and effect is questioned in any matter to the beginning and back; with out time it has always been; you just look into life and you see the whole of existence in one go.
So you understand why a disease is passed down in control dramas from one generation to the next from the beginning and to the end or abuse in a family and why a person is like that.
Understanding the whole beginning to end, why we are told not to judge.

In a way you could describe God like a computer, for those who understand the principles of them.
God is the central processor of the whole universe. The elders are like ram, storing the information before it is passed on to the processor. The hard drive is the book of life and what we live in or the matrix. Life its self is the operating system (i.e. Life system version 5)
Yet really within this I can also put it another way and God is also the whole computer.
So if God wishes, God can re-format the whole system and start again and keep the computer i.e. God, yet change the operating system.
This would also removes any dynamic programs that have crept in, yet are also added features, not needed, and slowing down the system.
As many stories I have looked at in many religious books, God does not get angry or jealous, yet is free of human emotions. This is why I say like a computer, as everything is a logical equation.
Yet for us to be even able to understand the most basic of these principles, we would be disintegrated. As the immense amount of energy used to understand these things, uses so much processing power that most processors would simply burn out at a glance.
Those who sit by the throne or center of the circle have proven time and time again that they are worthy, and can cope with remaining at God's side.
I will say this is what is meant by Elohim, these who sit around the throne of God.
Hopefully in showing everyone how the matrix functions, they can understand why Elohim and God gets muddled up often, within its meaning.

Now some bits of the whole ethics of Christ was God, that a man could even be God is preposterous, as God holds the universe together.
Christ being God's energy would destroy him, and not a single one of the elders would ever put them self in the center of the circle, as it is, as it is for a reason!!
The center is perfect as it does not take, it gives, no one thing taking the center would be worthy of taking it, as then they have cause a ripple through the whole of heavens by even thinking such away and no one ever would, as non could even get close, unless allowed and even then with a priority of to take, it is only in true service that it is understood as we are one.
We are not two and not a trinity, yet one a single mind, a single thought, a single action! Don't believe it?
Look into recent research within us being linked around the world subconsciously, and science is being used to show this same fact.
So as for a devil and a battle no chance as to even escape the pyramid, you have had to of learned near perfection, in the sense of keeping the commandments, doing good and finally for those called to it wisdom.
To learn to be as a dad to all, instead of having any ego helping others to find the right road.
I think one big point; I haven't mentioned is it is the small things of the universe, that make the big things, so heaven is at hand, means its all around you, it's not some mile off or over there, it's here, it's everywhere!
There are properly loads more points, I can add to this and descriptions; yet I don't feel I could ever really do it justice in words.
So the best way is if I show you all, as I would love it if we could help you understand the principle needed to enter.
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