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Why John contradicts the Bible

This is a quick guide to all the points that the gospel of John says that Yeshua said.
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Clearly on all these points he couldn't have said these things, as they contradicted both Yeshua from what he said in the other gospels, and the Old Testament.

1. John said that Yeshua said he is the true vine, now Ezekiel said that the vine is used for burning. The vine within much of the Old Testament is the house of Israel; Yeshua referred to it the same when he said the parable of the vine dresser. In which he said the vine dressers are the teachers of the Jewish people; John said that God is the vine dresser; Yeshua said he is the owner of the vineyard.

2. John said that Yeshua is the good shepherd, yet all the way through the Old Testament God is the shepherd. This is one reason many sheep have gone astray.

3. John said that the Holy Spirit was sent by Yeshua, yet all the way through the Old Testament; the Holy Spirit is referred to and is sent by God.

4. John says that Yeshua said unless you eat his blood and flesh you have no life in you. Yet the Old Testament says that if you eat blood or flesh, God will cut you off from him.

5. John says that if you believe in the name of Yeshua then you will be saved. Yet Yeshua said to preach the gospel in his name, and repentance for the remission of sins; not sin is forgiven in his name. Also he said that those who will say, didn't we do things in your name; Yeshua says it is the ones of the father who will be saved.

6. John says that all judgement is given to the son, yet Yeshua told his disciples that to sit on his right hand or left is not his to give. Yeshua said that he judges no one, yet leaves all judgement to the father.

7. John says that those who hate Yeshua also hate God, yet many love God without knowing Yeshua.

8. John says that Yeshua said, those who came before him were thieves and robbers, yet Yeshua said they spoke of him and referred to them as friends.

9. John says that Yeshua told Philip that he is the father, yet on many occasions he says he learns from the father and the father is more then he.

10. John says that all things were made through Yeshua, yet the Old Testament tells us all things were made by God.

11. John says Yeshua said he is the light of the world, Yet the Old Testament tells us God is the light of the world.

12. John said that Yeshua is the only begotten son, yet Yeshua said those who do the work of the father, are his brothers and sisters.

13. John said that Yeshua came to bring judgement, yet Yeshua said he came to call the sinners to repentance.

14. John said to believe in Yeshua to receive ever lasting life, Yeshua said to follow the commandments and give up wealth to receive ever lasting life.

15. John said that God sent his only son to die; Yeshua said that he came to bring in the harvest. It was the Pharisees idea to kill him to steal the inheritance. Other wise this would mean that God committed murder which is not possible.

16. John says that Yeshua said he is the way truth and the life and the only way to the father, yet Yeshua said those who are pure of heart and keep the commandments will see God.

17. John tells the story of doubting Thomas, and says that Thomas calls Yeshua God, yet this is not recorded by anyone else who was there. Also Yeshua said that there is none good but God.

18. John says that Yeshua said you are not of the world, yet we were made of soil from the world.

19. John says Yeshua said he is the living water, yet the Old Testament tells us God is the living water.

Most of the Gospel of John is hearsay of what people believed he might have said, and a lot is made up, to cover the backs of the Pharisees for killing him.
This is just a quick guide and there is still more to be added to this.
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