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El Vs Elohim

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Many Self realized down in Hell,
Let's keep the words simple,
As some think it's swell.
Here is to define our desires,
Not to make ourself God;
When we're down here as mortals,
'And shall die as men',
Do we not hear the vibe of the pen.
'Divine Beings' manifest by the Source are Elohim,
El is the 'Source' always unseen;
Badly translated as 'God' it seems.
As the word becomes ambiguous,
It comes across conspicuous,
Anyone courageous gets classed as audacious.
Source is meticulous and precise;
Individually we have skills concise,
Yet it's ridiculous to assume ourself to be God,
When we're all so imprecise.
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 Re: El Vs Elohim

Posted: 2020/10/2 7:46  Updated: 2020/10/2 7:46


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Isaiah 46:9 explains a riddle across time,
Where it states El is not like the Elohim,
Telling us to go back to Moses in Deuteronomy 32:7-9,
As theology will be muddle since Babylon.
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