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The New Name of Christ is...

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Due to the nature of some of the other names found around the world, and their meanings, here are some that are contextually similar.

  • Xian from Taoism are the immortal beings; yet is pronounced Chen (仙).
  • Xuandi is the 'Truly Valiant Great Emperor' in the Chinese religion.
  • Zhang Xian is a Chinese deity.
  • Sango/Xango/Shango is one of the patron deities of the Yoruba Religion.
  • Chonganda is the 2nd son of the creator in Kuba religion.
  • Walaganda is head of the Dream Walkers (Wandjina) in the Aboriginal religion.
  • Īśāna is the creator of the Egg of Reality (BrahmaAnda) in the Hindu Mahabharata.
  • The Jinnō Shōtōki also states that there is a theory that the names of Japan's primordial creator gods Izanagi, and Izanami, are the same as the Sanskrit names Īśāna, and Īśānī.
  • King Wazan is appointed before the destruction, and resurrection in the Ginza Rabba 18
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 Re: The New Name of Christ is...

Posted: 2022/8/1 12:00  Updated: 2022/8/1 12:00


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This is a start to some of the prophecies I understand to align, and need to be clear in what is being discussed Biblically:
In my understanding King David was prophesied in Psalm 89:19-21 to be the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52:10-14 with the naming Yeshua; it is then prophesied that King Zion comes with the Good News Isaiah 52:7, Isaiah 40:9, Isaiah 41:27.

I believe we're coming up to Armageddon (Israel Vs Iran, etc), with Christ returned before it; where when it takes place Betelgeuse will have been seen to have gone supernova, and then our whole reality will change dramatically (Revelation 16:15-21).

This post is in the hope we can logically rectify some of the religious differences before the events between us; if not I believe God showed me that we will keep the Enlightened Saints, and the rest will be removed from reality as prophesied globally.

Feel free to ask any questions about why I believe these religious utterances add up, before dissecting it all.

Please also feel free to get your religious authorities to come & discuss the details with us.