Re: Perpetual motion machine

Posted by qOLOp on 1139887805
Tesla saw what was going to happen in the future. He tried to warn us and people called him a quack.

His pedictions where 100% correct. Sad thing was he tried to make a differance. They laughed again.

Not too many people laughing now. Don't see many people laughing at the gasoline pumps, do you. How about in traffic.

They laughed when he talked about TV and radio. Good and bad. Rent the movie Johnnie Mnemonic with Johnny Depp and Ice T. Tell me if we aren't almost there now.

The internet mostly make fun of Tesla even after most everything he predicted has happened

Find old book on Tesla (on any subject you really like)get them now because they are disappearing. Be informed, YOU have to make the effort.

Keep the faith and Love in your heart.

God Bless

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