Re: Perpetual motion machine

Posted by dude on 1140549792
Hi Pete, yep I read "Behold a pale horse " about 7 yrs ago. They finally killed Bill cooper about two years ago. I heard that on a talk radio show. Something about the local sheriff serving a warrant at his home and he refused it, things got out of hand and they shot him dead. His wife has a website dedicated to him, cant remember what it is now.

Anywho I am an electrician. I have a book that has over 50 patents filed at the patent office in washington on over 50 free energy devices. They are out there and many are keen on it. The problem seems to be watchdogs from various places who wont let any of this be mass produced so it can get to the public. It is corporate greed that has stalled the entire world over this issue. They dont see enough money in it to let the masses have it. Capitolism runs by cash flow. The more cash flow, the stronger capitalism is. Untill another form of government comes along, I dont see how the masses can force trillion dollar conglomerates to ever stop being greedy and to let free energy out to us.

When Gods kingdom lands on earth (dan 2:44) to start the final countdown of sin, only then will we see free energy used. I believe Gods kingdom will run on this free energy. Untill then we will do the best we can. My best wishes to all in this area. peace....

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