Re: Re-Evolution

Posted by snowraccoon on 1140833893
Yea, this is the age of the culmination of Earth's destiny. And indeed, the Bible's and Nostradamus' prophecy about Armageddon is true to a certain extent. In olden interpretation, it is complete destruction of the Earth matter-wise, which sounded morbid. Because in reality, the 3rd-dimensional world is ceasing to be as we move upwards in vibrational frequency. Actually, we are moving towards the City of Light status, a university for advanced souls. Souls who choose to still undergo 3rd-dimensional lessons are leaving the Earth en mass, up until year 2013.

As energy is vibration, vibration is sound, and sound create words, words create thoughts, and so on, we intuitively realise the primal vibration of creativity. This is reflected in drums, in percussion instruments. One can surely recall the vibrational depth and attunement of listening to drums, gongs and bells. They connect us to our divine origin, the oneness before we choose physical embodiment. Look at the world's ancient tribal traditions and mystical religions. Drums and gongs abound.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word is OM...

Om mani peme hung.


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