Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion

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As lightworkers, many of us will work with the frozen light of nature, the divine crystals. It takes 10,000 years just to grow 1 square inch of crystal so they are very ancient indeed. They are found in the womb of Mother Earth but many are extraterresterial. These frozen light beings of sacred geometry were used in civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria. They were used for communications, generation of energy, and healing on all levels. Before the destruction of Atlantis, the high priests and high priestesses programmed sacred information into crystals and seeded them for future use, and the time is now. In this dawning of the Aquarius Age, the age of information technology, the crystals resurfaced to provide assistance to human evolution. Being so ancient, having seen and experienced much, crystals are powerful recordkeepers and healers. These records can be accessed by those who are ready, in order to help humanity to evolve. Crystals are solid geometric pattern of light and represents the optimum level of our auras and chakras. It is the physical manifestation of our connection to all that is divine. That is why they are effective in clearing negativities from our mental and emotional bodies which positively affect the physical body and reveal the potential of our spiritual body.

The key to working with crystals is to have a strong intention to anchor your purpose as a lightworker. If you are meant to work with them, by divine order, they will find you. All crystals already know who their next keeper will be, an etheric connection is already set prior to meeting. You might feel a strong urge to visit crystal shops, go to the local crystal mines for some digs, or surf online mineral stores. You could almost see some crystals etherically jump up and down the shelf to grab your attention, it could be the crystal name ringing in your head, or just an attraction to a particular piece. The beauty of crystals can be compelling and some of us are initially attracted to its appearance. But no matter what, it will try to get its point across, "Take me home with you, please!" Sometimes, a crystal is meant to pass through your hand to someone in need. You will know it when that must happen because you will feel an urge to give it away, and the intended person comes to mind. Usually, when one starts working with crystals, it is a significant turning point in spiritual grounding.

Being of such pure vibration, they help us to align, clear, and energise our chakras and aura. Some crystals like black tourmaline, quartz laser wand, and onyx have protective qualities too. Some protect us from geopathic stress, radiation from computers and electronics. A very large piece of crystal cluster can energise a room, but better not put it in a bedroom as not everyone can sleep with such intense vibration. Small pieces of crystals are usually worn as jewellery, carried by the person, or used as healing tools in crystal layouts. Except citrine and kyanite which never needs cleansing, it is always good to cleanse the crystal that comes to you before using or carrying it with you. Crystals can pick up vibrations along the way from everyone who handled them, and you don't want negative energy staying with it. After the cleansing, charge it with moonlight and sunlight but not under intense sunlight as it might crack or the colour might fade. Care for them how you would like to be treated yourself, be gentle. It is important for us to note while the crystals are our treasured companion, they appear in our lives to remind us to live up to our divinity. They are not here to render us dependent on them. Crystals are our mirror, as beings of pure and focused healing energy.

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