Cleansing the Crystal

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Walking along the beach, you see a shiny little pebble and pick it up. After it passes your brief scrutiny, it either ends up in your pocket or back to where it was. Due to the magpie-like tendency in us, we often like to collect shiny things or other trivia. I like to interpret that as the inbuilt mechanism enabling us to invite crystals into our lives, sooner or later.

As with the pebbles, we often pick something that appeals to us. It looks good, or simply just feels good in our hands. Thus, when you are letting which crystals to select you as their keeper, go with a similar sense of instinct. If you're purchasing crystals online, your only clue would be the appearance of the crystal and the heartfelt attraction, or moving emotion. Otherwise, if you are right-handed, hold it with your receiving hand, which is the left hand. Feel if there is any tingling, vibration, or pressure with any of your chakras. It will feel right. But, if it somehow makes you uneasy, don't take it for either it doesn't match your vibrations, or is full of negativity. You might think, if this is not right for me, perhaps it will be right for someone I know? But, if a crystal is meant to pass from your hands to someone else, it must feel good to you in the first place.

One of the most exciting event for me is when new crystals arrive in my life. Actually, in my family's life. Mom and siblings are intrigued by the crystals and they began to become keepers of other crystals too. I would pore over them like a curious kid, feeling their loving energy, and carrying them out individually with me each day. Before you do that, it is vital to cleanse the crystal first. This is to clear it of any residue vibration of the people who handled it. Apart from clearing probable negative vibration, this step is to ensure that the crystal will work clearer.

One important note: Do not cleanse soft crystals like calcite and selenite with water. So, it is vital that you know the physical property of the crystals beforehand. Otherwise, hold the crystal under cool running water for a few minutes, all the time visualising negativity and impure vibration streaming away with the water. Cleansing the crystal in an unpolluted stream or waterfall is fine too, but you risk it being returned to nature. Then, feel the universe's positive energy flowing through you from the crown chakra, and visualise a beam of white light from your brow chakra towards the crystal to further clear it. This would require concentration. Once you feel that the darling is "shining bright", in your own words dedicate it to the highest good of all by divine order. After that, you can also use a singing bowl to attune to and awaken it. For the crystals, it would be like bathing in the OM vibration, which is energising as well as soothing. I've a 7-metal Tibetan singing bowl for this purpose, and also for meditation. Its sound is extremely calming and pleasant, reminding me of Tibetan monks chanting in the highland monastery.

Another method of cleansing is to bury the crystal in earth for three days. You can even use fresh potting soil in a flowerpot for this. Then, hold it under cool running water, in incense smoke, and wave it quickly above candle heat. After the darling is squeaky clean energetically, spend time getting to know it personally. Read up its metaphysical property, sense its physical form and its purpose in your life. You can receive information and messages by holding it in your receiving hand, or holding it up to your brow chakra. Sometimes the messages will come through your dreams at night.

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