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Posted by snowraccoon on 1140949561
It's a pleasure, Pete. And thanks, yea, fluorite is water-soluble too. Studying the properties of the crystals before cleansing and working with them is good practice.

About cleansing by submerging in sea salt & water, it can be risky as to fading the surface of certain crystals or getting salt particles trapped in minute cavity. When the salt dries in the cavity, it might cause your crystal to crack. Many of us city people do not have the privilege of having a waterfall nearby, actually a cool shower works too, just as we human crystals shower everyday. As you are becoming increasingly intuitively-guided, whatever method you use will be right.

I have Melody's book too, which is a very extensive guide on crystals. If you need a photo guide of crystals, I recommend The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall featuring over 200 crystals(ISBN 1-84181-175-0). For an A to Z metaphysical guide with the more popular crystals and their lores; Crystal Enchantments by D.J. Conway(ISBN 1-58091-010-6. Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership, by Ted Andrews (ISBN 1-56718-026-4). Then, there is also Crystal Woman, which tells of Lynn V. Andrews shamanic journey with her American Indian mentor (ISBN 0-446-38572-7)

Blessings on your journey of awakening... =)


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