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Posted by qOLOp on 1141001430
Speaking of crystals?

Hey ya know, inside our bodys is a crystallyne light grid that parallels our nervious and blood system. Its made from the 695? acupuncture points on our skin. Each point is tied to a living star in our galaxy/universe. As this living light enters our bodys into the light grid (similiar to fiber optics) it feeds our etheric/astral body with this living light. This is what is also found in our chakras, and pillar of light inside of us. Science has found a way to look inside of us, into this light grid in our bodys. What they have found is tiny crystals floating and slowly tumbling along, inside the fiber optics insde us. A rainbow is sometimes seen reflecting off of these tiny crystals, twriling silently inside our bodys, within the fiber optics, of our crystllyne light grind. There are thousands of miles of this.

Its interesting that Rev 4:3 talks of a cosmic throne, upon which our Father sits. He is described in this facet, as a crystal having certian colors. Around this throne and crystal, is the Holy Spirit or the Mother of us all, whose essence is in that rainbow circling the throne. Just as the essence of our Father is in the crystal. So is our Mother in that rainbow!

Now we have a miniture type of this representation inside our bodys, in our crystallyne light grid, with tiny crystals (Father) flashing rainbow colors (Mother).. What a testimony to our wonderful spiritual parents, one facet of them both, is inside all of us, a signiture - if you will.

David, I dont think we mean to replace crystals with our reasoning abilitys. They are just tools from nature and the Godhead to help us with. I know what you mean about the mind and spirit and such. But God has given us gifts and crystals are one of them. Please dont think we are trying to supplant the human being ( a divine imprint of the family of God) with other things. The body of the Godhead on earth, is represented by many things, Some of us are hands, feet, eyes, ears, ect. So various attractions to various things are seen and evident. Together we are one living, breathing family with all parts.

I hope that helps somewhat. I have difficultys sometimes expressing myself in clear ways. Anywho I share a blessing with you in peace and love, for higher truths and experiences. You should know one facet of God, is a crystal. There is a connection, however cloudy it might seem at times.

In the 1920's, radios didnt have batterys, they either plugged into wall sockets, or hand held ones used crysta, cut to form, so they would pull the radio frequency out of the air, into the earphones in your ear; and ya could hear it. No batterys were required. Before the flood, pre-flood peoples used huge crystals to powers types of flying ships that are Ufo shaped or saucer shaped. There are huge emerald crystals inside planet earth, the next frequency out, that pulls in universal energys to keep earth going at its etheric level. The suns rays feed the emerald crystals, which in turn help animate nature, amoungst other things. We are wonderful, beautiful creations, with many facets, like a diamond. Our Father and Mother, in Heaven; are the same way.As above, so below! This is why we see an interest in crystals on earth, because it is one facet of the Godhead. And we are their children, created in that image and with many facets, like a diamond! Anywho thanks for sharing with us your concerns David, help us to understand..peace!

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