Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion

Posted by Zan Pan on 1141197680
Saying this though I have been given a magic ocarina from friends all over the world with every religious symbol given to me on it.

Yet as i was saying the flute is useless with out the player, 99% off the time i don't wear it.

Yet saying that if I am going in to a situation, where I may need to fight the beast, I wear it i.e. Babylon in to town some times if I have to approach negative people.

It is handy to have on as the sense of that all these friends who are very spiritual to me.

The fact it has a rose quartz pyramid, from my first ever girl friends shop reminds me of that 1st innocent love, so bringing the power back, that, that contains.

Each symbol has a reference and that when in front of my heart, I must say when, I have it on, it reminds me to stay away from bad energies and keep a protective aura around me, which sometimes otherwise I forget and let negatives slip in.

Now as any untrained shaman would say it the flute that has the power, it isn’t!

I channel the love I had for the people and it has power as I believe it.

Really it is a piece of clay that plays beautiful music with many pieces of gold and silver and leather attached to it.


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