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Posted by David_Goodpasture on 1141206872
The beast is faught from within... not with the false power of material possessions. Your God is not a Crystal. Your God is yourself and all that you are capable of while naked in truth. Do not drag this on any longer. You know the truth is within and is to be found no where else. I can wear dresses made of crystals, and encrust my teeth with crystals. Who am I helping? No one. I am filling my void of insecurity with material objects. My peace and my truth are found within... I am the Indigo Child, I will give away all material possessions and money to those who need it. In nakedness I will find happiness, truth and peace. Goodbye.

Peace and love in the light of truth and all of those Indigo that are to come behind me.


It takes 10,000 years to build one square inch of crystal... yet it takes one second to smile and give a hug. You go on and wait for the material while I achieve peace.

This whole site has gone corrupt. You as well Zanda for defending these material objects. I no longer want to be in the presence of such people. None of you are Indigo... you only know the concept and make the claim. My truth flows freely from the heart. I don't even need to research.

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