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I was going to go in a chat room this morning and I felt why bother, as all I would do is repeat my self. So I might as well write something worth while and leave it on here as then it stays.
So since I was going to join a Buddhist room and explain enlightenment or a Christian and try and explain how to get into heaven, I might as well do it in one.
So this is what I should have done ages ago, my breakfast that I have not being observing correctly and so my life has felt unassertive lately.

So the guide to the dimensions cross referenced, I will write it as I am waking up and what each one means to me. Also as you read this go back to the beginning once you u8nderstand one and asses your self on the others

Ok 1:

No Ego!! Now this is I, this is me, me worry, me concerning my self with attachment to who I am. What am I? I am something in the universe, how big is the universe? Huge! We are on a rock in space travelling at 2 billion million miles an hour, in 6 different directions and I worry about doing something, lol.

I worry about people and saving them, can I really can anyone? No only God and the inner voice in them self's can. And this is the I, this is the Ego, this is the test, the 1st level; is the I it is only a reflection of the truth and in the center of that truth is the unlimited knowledge and wisdom, how do I attain this when I am only on the 1st level of enlightenment? Give up self let go of desire let go of trying to hold people as your own and realise all is God and from the beginning to the end he has a plan. So if you want to help people let go, trust God all is decided each track is run for a reason. There is no point God sticking someone o a track they can't run, so don't let your ego get in the easy think your track is better or the right one.
Huge point to 1 is doing not drink as this dramatically increases your chances of getting an ego and forgetting about God in the picture.

Be still and know that I am God!

1st seek the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added to you!

Even now you are only a character in a page, in the book of life, which God is writing.

2: Now as you have given up your self and would be happy in the service of God regardless of what you are, even a blade of grass or a tree if you could serve God better.
So that leads us on to that God has no image and it means no, there is nothing we can use to describe God as, yes we have tried yet it is all us writing. What does God write back I have no image!! Yet we chose to ignore this and relate God to our selfs ooops back to one till you figure it out. By the way this is the after life and here in one so each level will effect your spiritual stability and amount of miracles ect and physical control of the universe.
So when you see a tree God painted that yet is not that, when you see the opposite sex that looks so good to you, god painted that, yet God isn't that,;God is far more then that as God painted it, do you get my point. So the painters ideas are a part of the painters Character yet are not the painter. So when you want to see the painter look beyond the concepts of the painting then let go of the images that the painter uses yet understand the expression, this is what Zen tries its best to describe yet as you can imagine it is difficult as which bit of the painting do you describe first?
Hopefully you see the point God isn't a man, or women, God can be what God wishes as God can create through thought.
Well how do you relate to God then if you have no where to direct your thoughts? To the brightest and highest you can imagine and keep going more as when you do you allow the universe to become more as God hears each and everything's thoughts and expression as he paint the picture.
Let go of all pre conceived ideas of what God is let your mind be in consciousness this partially part of God and what it refers to when it say in his image in the bible i.e. consciousness. God exist with in this so after realising you have no ego let you consciousness expand to be all and at one with God there is no boundaries the spirit is as big or as small as you let it .i.e. be good as else that limits you to 1 Ego.

3: I have re-equated this lately as before I saw it don't blaspheme which I don't, yet then I realised that sound is what is produced and sound isn't contained else where.
Also that sound need 3 dimensions to be i.e. length depth and width. Then it needs time which is 4.
So 3 is remember no sound you give for God is worthy of God as where did sounds come from who created them again it is like the pictures, yet this sound. As each and every sound God made who made a baby laugh? Who made a dog cry? So let go of any name you have for God ad use the most beautiful expression of you heart to call God let go of the sound you have taken as being you and words. Use pure emotion; this then applies in life as through your overwhelming bliss people around you will feel the same, if you fully understand the concept.

4 is time and space remember in each and every day spend time to reflect on god don't leave it till the end of the week and have one day to think about God and spend the rest ripping people off as many I know do and attending church regularly to make up for it. It is not acceptable and god really does see all. So learn to meditate full on God using the commandments that have been shown so far be at one in your self not wanting or needing just being still acknowledging how great God is and how your spirit and consciousness is already part of the universe and when you let go of the ego there it is, free and at one already.

To be continued....

(Possibly punctuated better if it is hard to read?)

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