Re: Christians don't follow Christ

Posted by qOLOp on 1143992255
I think we are dealing with different interpretations of one book, the bible. The catholics or vatican, have one view, the protestants have another view. Within protestanism there are many views, and all this from the same book?

Jesus kept it simple, keep the commandments and love one another; its that simple!

Wolves in sheeps clothing have crept in unawares, and caused much damage by private interpretations. This was a problem 2000 years ago, and is even worse in this day. The problem is compounded when we have lying spirits in the churchs, speaking in false tounges, and establish false doctrine from that. The supernatural is never challanged or tested, like it says to do in 1 john 4:1-4 - so we have false religious dogma coming from this. From all apparences it seems satan is fully in charge of most church systems.

It is not the bible, or its authors that is the problem, because I have found the bible is coherent and true for the most part. That is, if you read it in context and let it define itself. The problem is un-inspired people, false religious spirits; wolves in sheeps clothing; all putting their spin on it and making it look confusing.. That seems to be the problem. To me the bible reads coherently and is viable. But I know about the spin devils, so I am past that and not influenced anymore by them. I just let the spirit teach me, in time, with patience and a desire for truth; it works out in the end. peace

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