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Posted by suzyq on 1144628803
Another name commonly referred to the microcosmic orbit is the snall Heavenly cycle. The orbit is made up of a functional and a governor channel which must be connected properly by energy within ones own body through proper training of Taoist esoteric practice. Once the connection is linked together it becomes a free flowing circuit.

The energy begins to flow from the navel and travels down the front of the body and wraps around up the spine to the crown at the top of the head. From this point it begins its journey down the middle line of the face and onward toward the navel completing the flowing circuit.

I am in no way attempting to teach you the complete process. I desire for anyone interested to seek out a qualified teacher who can walk this journey with them in person. I did and will forever be grateful.

So, pardon me for I will leave out details intentionally meant to trip you up in practice, if this is the only source you are referring too. I expect a seeker to dig deeper, research the way, and practice daily to become proficient. I am only giving you a taste of what is possible. Wetting your palate you might say. Please understand this is the correct way. If you are a true seeker you will be brought to the path where a teacher already awaits your arrival.

Do you have any questions or additions, which would be most appreciated?

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