Re: Cancer

Posted by qOLOp on 1144889658
Hi SuzyQ, well I know "milk thistle" has something in it called "sylmarian", something like that. Look it up. Its used to help alcoholics rejuvinate the liver. Evidently the liver uses huge amounts of this, and is needed in serious rejuvination. It works really good!

also there is an electrical frequency; that kills cancer in it various stages. Royal Raymond Rife discovered this in the 1930's. It never did get off the ground because big business (precurssor to the AMA) shut him down. He built three of them, and gave one to the san diego hospital and two to the two hospitals in Tiayuana, mexico. All 3 hospitals sent them back after about a month because they worked so good, they would have to shut the hospitals down. Thats when the protectors of such systems got involved, and bought up the local govenment of california, who then went after Royal and threw him in jail. But his invention is available, look up Royal Raymond Rife on the net and check it out. He also found the frequency for every virus known at that time, like polio, ect. Hiv is a virus and can be killed with this technology also. Anywho thats my two cents suzy, hope it helps ya out.. Take care kiddo! peace -dude out here. i forgot to log in!

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