Re: Cancer

Posted by suzyq on 1144949204
I am very impressed you know of the rife machine. We have one in Pete's Spa group. Along with the correct frequencies for use. It will become part of the spa treatment choices soon enough. Some of their group leaves in the near future to open the new spa.

Not that someone who wishes to die (unconscious desire) is ever interested in its benefits. This would be my mother. I am also a healer, my mother is also trained in the healing arts and chooses not to implement them for her own benefit or ask for assistance in anyway. It is unfortunate. Yet, free will is what Earth is all about. So I turn it over to God and accept her choices of long suffering.

However, she may try the milk thistle, if it is something that can be mixed to the drugs she is already addicted too and won't give up. I appreciate your research. I will check that out further and see if any contradictions exist. I had actually forgotten about its use in this way.

I am very grateful for your assistance.

Love and Light,

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