Re: The Ultimate Biblical Question

Posted by dude on 1145838135
Wiz, where are you going with this? Most of the scriptures posted are about the leaders of church organizations being "wolves in sheeps clothing" who have led the flock astray. Most here know that, but the world does not believe that.

I feel it is to long and boring. Most will never finish reading it. Just use three vrese to make your point, not three pages. That defeats your effort as its just to boring, redundant, and long.

I am still not sure what you mean by "the ultimat bible question"? To me thats like saying does the bible support 7th day sabbth keeping, or pagan sunday keeping? Because we have private interprtations based on scripture taken out of context and such, its a big mess.

The ultimate bible question to me is this, is Yashua really the only begotton son of God? Or is he just another prophet (man only)-like mohamed, budda, ect. Is Jesus really diety, who died, to take away our sins, and resurrected; and most importantly; can send us the gift of the holy ghost, to live inside us? Because without this spirit inside us, spirtual things cannot be discerned properly..

Because Budda and Mohamed, while apparently being good men, are not diety, and cannot send a spirit into us like the Holy Ghost. But Jesus says he can do this. That really is the ultimate bible question to me. Is Jesus, who he says he is? "Diety"?

But you probably had something else on your mind, what is it? And definatly keep it short! peace!

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