Jesus is a swear word

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If people didnt know if you translate Jesus to ancient hebrew it is an insult

J=dosen't exsist

E=a path or way of something

S=spike or thorn


S=spike or thorn again, so if you imagine the word is actualy

sus is him on the cross

Yeshua on the other hand means salvation in hebrew

and if you translate it to ancient hebrew it means to leave a hook in time

so if you read this people please call him by is real name if you do know him

HE was cool and hung around with real people; who if he wasnt would never have excepted him.

Yeshua sounds cool and there is a lot in a name

It is the first sound you hear, so it makes a lot of who you are.

People think they are their name, if you ask them who are you?

so it affects the way they act and also the way we relate to people

Considering acording to the bible god gave us the first written langauge

Which would be ancient hebrew as it is just pictograms simular to eygption hyroglyphs and most early langauges

So sound and image have meaning with in a word, have a look at the ancient hebrew web site

Ancient Hebrew Alephbet Chart

Makes you relise why christ said everyone must carry there cross, well before his death

Basicly he was refering to its root meaning, a monument or statue to god

In most cultures the cross was a symbol for infinity

The time line east to west and future and past with us sitting in the center and now

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