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Posted by dude on 1146700693
here is a raindbow above Gods throne and it supposedly

The he holy spirit or 5the "mother of us all". The holy ghost appears to be the twin sister of Jesus Christ or "Yashua" as some know him. This would be the Spirit given to "born again" followers who test this pth for substance. If spirit exists in this area one should be able to feel it. we pesially if one os open minded and magnitized in these areas,of testing spirits. The holy ghost or Jesus twin sister is called Shekinah and is given as a gift to all interested. Please check it out. Its a free call- peace!

that feed our chakras and etheric flows. It starts from the throne of our Father, and feeds into grids and matrixes,that feed earth and humanity. God is love, and gives to good and bad alike- "life". However "bad" is not designed to live forever- the rainbow,r "holy spirit testifys of that" its part of the 4 plex Godhead. Thanks for sharing that! peace....

Ps Still having some warps Wiz, but fast on the scent.. later little buddy - "brother"...

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